Here I am, just minding my own business casually scrolling through Nordstrom at 6:45 am like I normally do when all of a sudden this giant red banner flashes in front of my eyes that says HALF YEARLY SALE - UP TO 40% OFF! I gasped, I clicked on it and then right there in front of my eyes nearly EVERY SINGLE ITEM I have purchased recently showed up in front of my eyes! But not in the same state it was when I purchased it, oh no, at much cheaper prices because that's what a half yearly sale will do to things. So here we are, all of these incredibly great items at way lower prices all of a sudden and now it's my job to share them with you. You can repay me in wine and macaroni and cheese, thank you.

shift dress - currently 40% off making it $28! So many colors available! While this is a shorter dress worn alone, it would be really cute with leggings as well! // leather sandals - currently 30% off, comes in brown and black and SO comfortable!

 one piece swimsuit - currently 30% off [available in a two piece version here/here] // life's better in the ocean cover-up // clutch 

ankle strap pumps - currently 40% off making them less than $60, available in both black and white 

utility jacket - currently 40% off in Olive making it less than $60 [navy available here] // white tee - 2 for $28 // white cropped jeans // lace up sandals [similar pair on sale here!]

high neck shift dress- currently 40% off making it $20 // lace up sandals [similar pair on sale here!]

Maxi dress - currently 40% off making it less than $30, it is so comfortable! // sandals // purse

The most comfortable sweatshirt - currently 25% off in blue and coral making it less than $40, size down - I'm wearing an XS [shop my purple sweatshirt here] // shorts // shoes [40% off in additional colors here]

 lace up pumps - currently 40% off making them $70, they are the most comfortable heel // purse

maxi dress - currently 40% off making it around $30! I love the back on this one! 

A few items I'm adding to my cart currently // these espadrille wedge sandals, distressed cropped skinny jeans and this blazer!

Happy shopping!
ps. all of the above items are free shipping + returns, #winning



Laces For Days

top [currently 25% off - size down, wearing an XS] // white cropped jeans // lace up shoes [available in this color and black] - ALL free shipping and free returns!

Oh hey there. I feel like this blog has been such an afterthought recently [I say that although I am constantly thinking about it] so maybe what I meant by "afterthought" is "oh crap - it's already midnight and I haven't written a blog post yet but I am so freaking tired AND ice cream sounds good, so now I don't know what to do except it has nothing to do with writing a blog post and everything to do with eating and sleeping!] Basically my blog has turned into a newborn. 

Speaking of newborns, remind me to tell you about the time I babysat my newborn nephew recently. It involves a lot of screaming, mostly me and partially him and also my nieces. Simultaneously for all different reasons. I'm an excellent babysitter. 

Back to what really matters though, clothes. You may recall these lace up sandals that I have been wearing like it's my job recently because OMG they are amazing [and really, way better than any job I could ever imagine but whatever] so naturally when I spotted these bad boys I was all "laaaaaaaace up! GIVE ME MORE LACE UPS!!!" My husband didn't really love this plea but I was all "Shawn, money is fleeting - shoes are everlasting so game over" and he was all "you are so right hunny, I love you and your desire for a great pair[s] of lace up shoes, you deserve them! Order now!" 

Okay I actually ordered them without permission and then hid my credit card bill from him but same thing basically. 

Regardless, here we are and my feet are happy which means mama's happy. These white cropped jeans are absolutely perfect for any pair of ankle height shoes and are also stretchy to some extent so they pair real nice with my recent ice cream cravings. 

Topped off with this paisley little tassel peasant top and we've got ourselves a summer outfit folks. 

[photos shot by the lovely tina herschberger photography]

And there we have it sweet readers. A blog post, an outfit and a bedtime before 1 am. Miracles are happening and I feel like I may even be back tomorrow for some more action around here. Get ready kids, it's about to go down. [I'm not really sure what the even means but it sounded cool so we're going with it]. Peace out lace up lovers. 



Drink This // Sparkling Cucumber Mint Gin Cocktail

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CH Distillery for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ahhhh, the tastes of summer have arrived and if there is anything that I love during the warmer months it's a refreshing cool cocktail in the palm of my hands. There's just something about coming home from work, filling up your cup with your favorite concoction and sitting outside on the patio unwinding from the day. While I am guilty of finding something that I like [hi rum and diet] and sticking with it, I have been trying to do a better job of breaking out of my cocktail shell and switch things up a bit because YOLO, ya know? I think of cocktails like I think of my wardrobe - as the weather changes, so should it. Nobody has time [or space in their swimsuits] for all of the heavy ingredients so when I saw this light and refreshing recipe I knew I wanted to try it. 

Fortunately I recently discovered CH Distillery Spirits which is based out my favorite city, Chicago [564 W Randolph for those of you in the area], who happens to be known for their vodka and other premium liquors. When I saw their CH Key Gin I knew I wanted to get creative with it. Made with fresh key lime, lavender and white pepper and distilled from their CH Vodka it was an obvious go-to choice gin for creating this sparkling cucumber mint gin cocktail and boy, it did not disappoint. 

Here's what you will need to make it...

1 oz lime juice
2 oz CH Key Gin
4 oz sparkling water 
sliced cucumbers
sliced limes
mint leaves

And here's how you make it.. 

1. Fill glass with ice. Pour lime juice, CH Key Gin, and sparkling water over ice. Helpful hint: when it comes to pouring, keep in mind that a regular size shot glass typically equates to 1.5 oz of liquid. 

2. Add cucumbers, limes and mint. 

3. Stir it up / make it look pretty

4. Sit back, relax and enjoy your drink. Cheers! 

If gin isn't your thing, you could easily switch this out with some of CH Distillery's other options, all of which sound wonderful: 
  • CH Vodka: Clean, light sweetness, peppery finish and a smooth mouthful. Distilled from Illinois winter wheat and rye
  • CH London Dry Gin: a balanced classic Martini Gin. Citrus peel, juniper, cardamom and pepper. Distilled from CH Vodka
  • CH Peppercorn Vodka: Tellicherry peppercorns make this spirit daring in cocktails and perfect for Bloody Mary’s. Black pepper flavor, citrus accents, fiery hear.
  • CH Bourbon: an adventurous bourbon. boozy and smooth. Bold, full bodied, hints of maple and brown sugar. Distilled for CH from Midwest corn and rye, aged in new American oak barrels.
I am so excited to have discovered CH Distillery liquor to drink but also as a new place to go check out when I am in the windy city. We are always on the hunt for fun local places to hang out and this place looks like just the ticket. Next time you are in Chicago make sure to stop by and check out CH Distillery Events, perhaps they'll have this drink waiting for you ;) 

What's your favorite way to enjoy gin? I'm officially sold...

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Shop My Closet // Recent IG Looks + Sales

Another round-up of weekly outfits is coming atcha and I hope you're ready as this post is jam packed with subpar photos and links galore! I don't think you come to these posts to read a bunch of words from me so I'll just make my way right off this blog but feel free to ask any questions about sizing, fit, colors, etc below and I will make sure to answer! Hope you are all having a great week so far! xo 

Okay fine, a few more words - I just ordered these cropped distressed white jeans that you probably saw me post about on Instagram [here and here] but I seriously can't get enough! I love where they hit on my legs making them awesome to pair with either lace up shoes or heels not to mention they are insanely comfortable and are the perfect fit! If you haven't yet filled out the true size fit finder on Nordstrom, I would highly recommend doing so as it tells you what size you would be in every item! I haven't shopped there much in the past [or really at all] but recently realized that they always offer free shipping and free returns (they include a return label with your package which makes it easier yet!) so yeah, you could say I'm hooked now. Okay, carry on. 

off the shoulder top // white distressed cropped jeans // lace up sandals - all free shipping, free returns

white top, 15% off with code 9480, buy 1 get 1 50% off // skirt from stitch fix, similar here and here // heels, currently 20% off! 

vest // tank - similar here // jeans - similar here [just ordered these!] // wedges [also have my eyes on these!]

I just ordered this navy utility jacket and I am in love with this! The structure is awesome and I love throwing it on for cooler evenings in the spring, summer and fall! Definitely a new staple piece in the wardrobe!

 Jacket [love it in green as well!] size down one, wearing an XS // white tee [the softest tee ever! size up one, I'm in a medium, 2 for $28] // cropped white jeans // lace up sandals [so obsessed with this style, I am considering ordering these as well!]  

my favorite dress // heels, 20% off and available in black too!

my favorite blazer, free shipping // tank from stitch fix, similar here // the perfect work pants, 15% off with code 9480 buy 1 get 1 $40 // heels // purse from stitch fix, similar here and here 

baseball tee from previous Love, Yellow - love THIS one as a spring option! // chambray top, currently on sale + additional 20% off when added to cart // jeans from stitch fix, similar here // lace up sandals

boho tunic [less than $25!] // jeans from stitch fix - similar here // wedges [only $30!]

top, currently on sale + use code REFRESH30 while using your Kohls charge for an additional 30% off // shorts [less than $20, just ordered a darker wash here!] // lace up sandals [that's it, I'm ordering these too]

 tee, currently less than $20 + use code REFRESH30 while using your Kohls charge for an additional 30% off // jeans from stitch fix - similar here // the best bra ever - read more about them here  // heels, 20% off 

see previous shop my closet posts here and here


Now I Know Where Mondays Get Their Reputation From...

I've never been a huge hater of Mondays, mostly because that's when The Bachelor/Bachelorette is on and also because a lot of Sundays I don't change out of my pajamas so showers are always something I look forward to. Speaking of lack of showering, did you all only bathe on Wednesdays and Sundays growing up? I'm not sure what part of my parents thought that this was a good and sterile idea because when I look at kids these days after two hours of not bathing they are disgusting. Anyhow, I am still alive [barely after yesterday but that's a story for the next paragraph] and so I will embrace my 104 baths every year that I received from ages 0-14.

Where were we? Oh yes, Mondays. Mine started just like most - actually better than most. The sun was pouring through the windows, the house was all picked up, I had candles burning listening to the latest and greatest Bieber and knocking things off my to-do list before 8:30 am. Heck, I even posted this picture listing all of my weekly goals because I was very much in one of those "I am a woman, hear me roar" type of moods, whatever that actually means.

It was approximately twenty minutes later when I headed out for the day and that's where it started to get a little dicey. About a minute from my house that delicious coffee I was sipping on made its way down the front of my shirt. Fortunately I am used to this happening so eh', no big deal really. I thought about turning around to go home and change but then I remembered I would be near a Target and buying a new shirt seemed a lot more logical and economical than putting on something from my closet that I already own. Onward soldier.

It was from there that I made my way to the local grocery store's cardboard recycling dumpsters. I had a backseat full of boxes that I needed to get rid of so get rid of I did. Here I am, car empty of boxes, cruising along feelin' pretty good when all of a sudden I thought "CRAP. I JUST THREW A NEW PAIR OF SHOES AWAY INTO THAT RECYCLING BIN THAT I MEANT TO RETURN!" Within seconds I whipped it into high gear, zipped that car right back around and headed back to the grocery store to do a little dumpster diving. By this point I was starting to get a little irritated with how things had been going since leaving the house, but still optimistic that this was the end of the minor mishaps.

Rushing like a wild chicken I pull up to the recycling bin and jump out of my car to make my way head first into the dumpster to retrieve my shoes that I thought for sure had to be in there. Upon jumping out of my car I thought to myself "huh, that felt a little odd getting out.." but kept on carrying about my ways. Not a second later I'm looking down into the dumpster only to notice my car moving out of my peripheral vision. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" is what I believe came out of my mouth while I watched in slow motion my car find its way head first into one of the other pretty recycling bins.

So that was fun.

Turns out my shoes were safe and sound at home and while the red does dress up the front of my car nicely, the hole that is now there isn't super cute.

It's okay though guys. From there I found my way to Panera Bread to sit down, settle and collect my thoughts. Things were starting to look up again...until I looked down.

The real moral of the story of here today folks is this - never return shoes. And I mean never. 

*all stories told and pictures shown are based on a true story, all of which happened before 10 am. 



The Sweetest Treat This Summer // Drumstick S'mores

Here's the fun thing about living in Indiana - one weekend it's 70 and sunny and the next [ie: this past weekend] it's a high of 40 with a brutal mixture of wind and rain. Fortunately, prior to this past weekend we had some great days where we were able to frolic outside and partake in all of my favorite spring activities including and limited to: grilling and eating outside. Now that we have our patio all put together we have plenty of room to entertain so that's exactly what we did. Shawn and I had a perfect Friday afternoon off of work so we invited over my friend / neighbor / photographer of these awesome pictures and her cute little kiddos for some hot dogs on the grill, fresh fruit, fun cocktails and of course the best part of any meal, dessert. 

When I saw these new Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores at Target, I knew I had to snatch them up because hello, s'mores..in a cone, yes please. It's like every dream I have ever had suddenly came true right in the palm of my hands. Available in three different flavors - Toasted Marshmallow with Fudge, Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Marshmallow these things are incredible. Truly, so delicious and so s'morely satisfying. The best part? They require ZERO effort in making which is something that I can get down with when it comes to dessert duties. Fortunately, this little one was in as much awe of these sweet treats as I and dug in without any hesitation...

                                  drumstick cheers - way cooler than any other cheers I've ever had

He dug into the Toasted Marshmallow with Fudge because the more mess the better while I devoured the Chocolate Marshmallow and exclaimed over and over again "these are SO good..." Needless to say, the other adults followed suit and we were all raving in no time flat over our Nestlé® Drumstick® S’mores because that's what adults do. Made up of S'mores with marshmallow flavored ice cream and a rich graham cracker chocolate coating, it is the perfect delicious treat without the hassle. Otherwise known as all of the yes's ever. 

Oh summer, I love you. Now if only Indiana could convince you to stay for longer than 3 days at a time....

[huge thanks to my photographer and ice cream connoisseur Tina Herschberger Photography and her adorable son for partaking in the sweet tastes of summer with us!]

While I purchased mine at Target, you can find them at a variety of retailers - check here to find your closest spot! 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.