Looking For A Job? I've Got Ya Covered.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ANN INC. for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Job satisfaction has always been very important to me -- if you don't enjoy what you spend the vast majority of your time doing, chances are high you don't enjoy how you spend the vast majority of your time. There is so much more than just a paycheck [while obviously very important] that goes into a job which you may not always think about before applying. Things such as having a community around you in the workplace, flexibility, growth potential, and the list goes on. Recently I had the opportunity to review one of the best places to work for in the fashion industry [the only fashion retailer at that to receive it], according to Gallup Great Workplace survey, and I wanted to share that with you today. I am confident that there are several of you out there currently looking for the perfect fit career wise. Without further ado, I present to you.....


That's right ANN INC., the home of ANN Taylor, LOFT, and Lou and Grey Retailers. So what makes ANN INC. so incredible to work for you ask? For starters, lets talk about their culture. The belief that honoring your full life [you mean things outside of work are important too?!?], putting your best foot forward everyday, and embracing fashion with the intent of empowering one another to feel confident both internally and externally, is what they are all about.

I suppose their benefits don't hurt either. From health coverage, to paid time off, to adoption assistance, 401k, affiliate discounts, etc it's all a win/win.

At ANN INC. they always have a variety of opportunities available [from corporate to store careers] and they want you to be apart of it. Perhaps you are interested in the design side of things or maybe you are a whiz in everything online? Store management may appeal to you or it could be the purchasing of merchandise that makes you excited. The opportunities are endless and are sure to fit whatever your interests are! To learn more about these opportunities and to stay up-to-date, be sure to follow ANN INC. on FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram. You never know when you may just scroll through your IG feed and land your dream job.

ANN INC. gets women and they want to get you...into a job that you love and feel is the best fit for you.

To encourage you to press more into what ANN INC. has to offer, they are giving away a $25 gift card today. Be sure to not only enter for your chance to win but to also check out their opportunities for a chance to not just like what you are doing, but love it as well.

Are you ANN INC.’s next must-have? Start a career with ANN INC. today!

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10 Great Last Minute Gifts [For Men And Women]

happy shopping :) 



Always Look Back

today's post is brought to you by....

Lets talk about the past hour of my life for a minute. I came home from work to find somebody working here at our house [this part was not a surprise but necessary information for the story]. Because I absolutely hate being home when others are here working, I walked in, said hello, and then decided I was going to go fill up my car with gas, replenish our liquor cabinet, and see what other shenanigans I could get myself into while I wait for them to be done working. Naturally I hop in my car, start backing up, and then suddenly....cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuunch. Turns out they had driven a car here and said car was parked in our driveway which I completely forgot about during the whole 2 seconds I was inside our house. Do you know how awkward it is to have to walk back inside your house and shyly say "uhhhh....I think I just hit your car". Especially awkward when they think you said something to the extent of "I left my keys inside" and they respond smiling saying "Oh, I know I do that all the time!" After repeating for a second time, "No, I hit your car -- I think you need to come outside", they finally understood. Long story short I've spent the past 45 minutes on the phone becoming an adult [also known as filing a claim] and downing a beer in hopes I will forget this all even happened. Unfortunately the scratches and dents are still there, however this Modelo was on point.

Happy Monday, may you always know what's behind you. 




A Weekend Away

Life recently has certainly been spent on the go - from Nashville to Disney to California [all in the matter of a few weeks], time at home as been rare and alone time with Shawn has been far from existent. Last year for Christmas my parents had given us a gift card to spend the weekend in a small lake town about an hour or so from us, New Buffalo, Michigan. Somewhere in the midst of life happening we forgot to make our way up there and finally this weekend we were able to take advantage of it. It was so nice to get away, just us two, for a fun 24 hour trip full of nothing but shopping, laying [and eating] in bed, gambling at the casino, and enjoying this surprisingly warm December weekend waterside. We stayed at Marina Grand Resort and it was exactly what we needed. Thanks mom and dad for this fun weekend away...we owe ya one ;)

 personalized sterling rings from R & E Avenue -- use code livinginyellow for 15% off 

So thankful for these times away and memories made. While I have loved traveling and experiencing different places, a large part of me is so excited to know that I have a few months before I have to use a suitcase again. Packing and unpacking is for the birds. 

ps. Christmas is officially 10 days away -- you may want to drop a hint to your man that you would like these personalized sterling silver bands [is it bad I would totally replace my wedding ring with these?] Remember to also pass along the code livinginyellow for 15% off :) 



9 Ideas For Any Man's Stocking

Stockings have always been a favorite of mine. Ever since we have been married we have created a tradition of opening our stockings on Christmas Eve followed by watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Typically we dive into whatever it is we just pulled out of our stockings [candy, mini bottles of wine for me, etc] and then drift off to sleep anxiously awaiting Christmas morning. 

Because men can typically be so difficult to buy bigger gifts for, the stocking is always the stress-free, fun, let me walk around Target for 2 minutes and throw anything and everything into my cart I think he would like, gifts. This year I came up with 9 things that I figured I would share with you all in hopes that you can adequately stuff your man's stocking to his hearts content. Some our basic items while others are a little more creative. Lets dive in to this stocking shall we?

1. The obvious -- candy. You can never go wrong with giving into your man's sweet tooth. Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish for the win this year. 

2. Coffee K-Cups. My man loves to brew a fresh cup of coffee several times a day so sprinkling his stocking with K-Cups only makes sense. 

3. Gum. Because who doesn't need gum?

4. A man smelling candle. I found this Amberwood Fire candle at Target recently and it has the perfect masculine fragrance to it. This makes up for the other 982 womanly scents I burn throughout the year ;) 

5. Gift cards to his favorite lunch spots. Because he often has to go to lunch I figured why not pick up the tab on a few of them? Wendy's is always a popular choice around this joint. 

6. ChapStick. We live in Indiana. Do you know what Winter's in Indiana are like? I will not allow his lips to fall victim to that. 

7. His favorite beer. This year I bought a variety pack from a local brewery and threw in a few different ones -- everybody could use a Pale Ale on December 24th. 

8. A personalized 50 caliber bottle opener. I ordered this opener from Bottle Breacher after seeing them on Shark Tank and I know it's going to be one of his favorite gifts this year. Bullets and beer -- it has dude written all over it [literally -- you can have them engraved to say anything you want].

 9. Last but not least, Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips. We all want to look our best for the year to come and men are no exception to this. I found these babies at Target [see below for $7 off] and know that these will make my man's smile a little brighter and whiter ;) What can cost upwards of $500 for a professional whitening treatment is now less than $60 for the same results. To get $7 off your purchase of Crest 3D White Luxe Supreme FlexFit Whitestrips at Target.com http://clvr.li/1vwTKSS

And there we have my nine stocking stuffer essentials for men. What would you add in this mix?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



Random Ramblings

clutch from victor simoni 

A few random thoughts this evening before I find myself sound asleep here on the couch --- 

1. Have you ever noticed how seldom I wear anything on my lips these days? It makes my photos have a nice half dead look to all of them which is cute. The thing is, lip gloss has a way of getting on my teeth all of the time so it's like pick between half dead or that woman who has lip gloss on her teeth. 

2. I'm pretty confident the entire state of Indiana has a cold right now, myself included. 

3. Dove Chocolate Peppermint Bark. HOLY BALLS IT'S AMAZING. And it's 3 for $10 right now at Target.....in case you were looking for an excuse to go to Target. 

4. There is a 99.9% chance I won't wash my face tonight for bed nor brush my teeth. There is an even greater chance I won't tomorrow night either. Personal hygiene when I am exhausted isn't my jam. 

5. Speaking of jam, hand rolled amish butter with jewish rye bread is where it's at. Just sayin'.

6. I finally upgraded my wallet which could no longer be zipped shut to an actual adult wallet [28 years later and I'm growing up]. I actually upgraded times two because what woman can look at page fulls of clutches and just choose one? Both hail from victor simoni and are made of things like genuine leather which are two words I don't get to say often when discussing my closet. It's like Heaven in my hands and the good news is for you, you can get a piece of Heaven at a discounted price. 

use code LIVINGCOCOA for $40 off the scoobie cocoa demi
use code LIVINGGLOSS for $10 off any gloss wallet

They fit all of my necessities [cell phone, ID, credit cards, tampons, you know] perfectly and I love that I can also wear them as a clutch. 

7. I'm hosting a party at my house tomorrow night which prompted me to do something really crazy. That's right, I mopped. I now remember why I never ever mop. If anybody drops anything on my floor I am going elbow drop them. Welcome friends, welcome. 

8. This weekend we are staying at a hotel because they are offering free gift wrapping. Hands down the best marketing tactic I've ever seen. Why of course I'll pay a couple hundred dollars for you to wrap my gifts while I soak in your Jacuzzi....*

9. It takes 30 seconds to chop garlic and 30 years to get the smell off of them. It's going to be a long 29 years, 364 days, and 86,370 seconds until then. 

10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................

*it should be noted that we have a gift card to said hotel and people much smarter and less lazy than I [my husband] would never allow for us to stay at a place just to get a few gifts wrapped. psssssssh.


10 Ways To De-Stress This Holiday Season

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Marriott.com for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's funny how the happiest time of the year also happens to be the most stressful time of year for most. We're all like "ooooooh it's all so great" on the outside and then on the inside we are wondering when in the world we can stop rushing around stores sweating our tails off while being knocked upside the head by that person who really wanted that TV for 19 cents less than it normally is. The Holidays really bring the best out in people ya know? Because it's easy to get caught up in all of the hype of things [or maybe not get caught up in the hype until December 24th when you find yourself downing a mini bottle of wine in your car parked in the Target parking lot eating a cheese stick cursing your horrible procrastination skills] I figured I would bring to you ten ways to de-stress during the holidays.

1. Get the heck outta dodge. This will always be my preferred solution for really any life situation. You want to be relaxed? Go somewhere relaxing. My go-to destination of choice is typically anywhere I can find a Marriott Resorts as they never cease to disappoint without spending a lot of money. Even better is during the Holiday season they offer a Pick Your Package Your Package program where you able to receive free spa treatments. resort credit, with your stay etc. Being stress free is as close as the nearest pool.

                      photo SATJW-062-JWM-SAHC-Riverbluff_Cabana_Twilight_zps224d180a.jpg

2. Hire somebody to wrap your gifts. Kids these days will do anything for a buck. And if you can't find a kid -- remember my two favorite words...gift bag.

3. Eat. A lot. When has eating not made you feel better?

4. Wine. See number 3's explanation.

5. Do something nice for someone in need. The quickest way to take the focus off of your to-do list and lower your blood pressure is to bless the socks off somebody else. There is always somebody who needs something. Find a need and fill it.

6. Make your man happy. While we all know it is the woman who does 99.99% of the work during the Christmas season, no judgement men but seriously [shopping, gift wrapping, preparing the meal, cleaning up the meal, etc] we all know that he needs a break too. We know this because we like to receive nice gifts and without a break, your chances of getting one are slim. One idea is to use the Marriott Pick Your Package offer I talked about in numero uno where you could surprise your man with a free round of golf with your nightly stay. You're welcome in advance for however he chooses to say thank you.

                        photo 03e8846a-6076-4b34-a34b-62b7b545835e_zpsba71a323.jpg

7. Stare at your Christmas tree for hours upon hours. While you may end up blind, I guarantee you will be a happy blind.

8. Baths, baths, and more baths. Add in a few bubbles, a good book, and a plate full of cheese and you should be all set. Somebody please tell me I'm not the only one who takes plates full of cheese into the bathtub?

9. Speaking of baths, how about a massage? So yeah your man needs a break and all that jazz, but lets focus on the most important thing -- you. While you send him off to the golf course, wrap yourself in seaweed. With the option of getting two 50 minute spa options at Marriott Resortsyou can double the pleasure, double the fun. Just be careful not to fall asleep -- if you do it's like it never happened. 
                         photo 88dd2aaa-d945-450a-91ff-9f396f4eb35f_zpsa3241377.jpg

10. Have every bit of your shopping done at least ten days before Christmas. This means you have exactly 7 days to get this done. What are you waiting for, GO.

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