5 Things // From Must-Have Day Planners to Peeing In The Pool

I'm back for another round of "5 things" - the time in the week where I dump anything and everything on you. That almost made it sound like I am taking a dump on you and well, yikes. Sorry. I promise I will never do that to you. However, I don't promise that I won't accidentally go in my pants in front of you because that totally happened a couple of years ago AT WORK. It was as awful as it sounds. I was in the hallway walking, waved hello to a male co-worker and BAM, everything down my leg. In my defense I had been out of work all week with the flu so before you go thinking I don't have one ounce of pride left in my body, well...never mind you are right, I don't. 

I don't know how that all just happened. My apologies if you are even still here reading this. I feel bad for you guys sometimes. You show up expecting to read about butterflies and Cheetos and I drop some bomb on you that I pooped my pants at work once. I need to start thinking my blog posts out in advance. And maybe add in some tact with them. I think that's something I'll consider for my 40's. Which wow, that just drove home the reality that 4-0 is the next decade that I am headed towards. I have no words, just wrinkles forming on my chest. Truly. I AM SO GLAD I WENT TANNING EVERY SINGLE DAY IN HIGH SCHOOL. 

Okay, back to the matter at hand - 5 things in my life right now. Let me get into them or I feel like I could spend all day just sitting here typing words that should never be published on the internet with my name tied to them. It's actually amazing that I am married, have friends and a job. 

1. So what's new you ask? Well, for starters I need to stop pretending that you asked questions. But other than that - not much really. I've been eating the same hot chicken salad I made a week ago for every meal since so that's fun. I also haven't washed my car in a solid 3 weeks or so. I did just do laundry so you know, winning. OH! And I have a new favorite bright pink sweater. So yeah, lots of big things over here.

tunic [wearing in small] // black pants [true to size] // over the knee boots [30% off!] // purse

2. In case you were wondering (you weren't) but that pool we had installed is all done now. My nieces broke it in [which reminds me, they were in there for 3 hours and never got out once....hi, our new pool is full of pee] a few weeks ago. We may be that aunt and uncle who had it at 74 degrees for them to swim in [don't worry, their lips were blue for only 20 minutes of the 3 hours] and then cranked it up to 90 degrees after they left so we could swim. I'm pretty sure my favorite time to use this is going to be at night because it lights up and becomes a night club basically. To see what I mean, click here.

3. I'm starting to think that it's time to buy Christmas gifts and that thought alone is sending me into a panic. In all seriousness though, when I discovered this last night I felt like I was already breathing easier. If you think that I'm going to be putting together fun gift guides for her, for him and shoot maybe even for kids over the next month or so you would be absolutely right. 

4. If you are into oils or have any desire to learn more about them, there is going to be an interactive live learning session on my facebook page tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 8:30 pm EST so hit that up if you would like. It won't be my face doing the video [thank goodness, can you imagine just how many times I would touch my hair in a 30-45 minute video?!] Anyhow, it will be fun so be there or be square. 

ummm yeah. so I might use my stress away often. and if I can't open it, I bite it open. 

5. Welllllllll, we are Colorado bound soon and I am racing around like a chicken trying to get everything done before takeoff. So many nails that need painted, so many items that need packed, so many frickin' things to cross of a to-do list. JUST LET ME BE ON VACATION ALREADY. Oh you guys - I just ordered my 2017 planner [Day Designer for the win!] which really has zero point with what I was saying but who cares! Here's the palmy one I picked! I can't wait to fill that baby up with stuff. And by stuff, I mean notes to myself to not ever reference pooping my pants again on a public platform. If you are a write stuff down junkie like myself, this has been my favorite planner for the past 3 years now - I couldn't physically live without it at this point.

ps. I went to the bathroom during the writing of this post [don't worry, it was just number one] and my zipper is no longer able to go back up. This isn't a huge deal to those of you who wear underwear buuuuuut. yeah.

pps. the remaining blog posts for the week I have up my sleeve - tomorrow I'll be revealing my latest stitch fix box and by Friday a post should be up on different wine tasting outfits. or you know, just outfits. but wine tasting outfits sounds more fun and if I have time I'll sprinkle in something else. Don't count on the sprinkle. 




Oh baby, bootie season is in full effect. Not to be read as "booty season" - major difference there people. Although now that I mention it, I am sure that season would be equally as exciting. Back to the PG matter at hand though - shoes. I recently purchased what I am deeming my favorite pair of closed toe booties I've ever owned [that's a big title for one pair of shoes to hold, but this pair is doin' it]. You see, a few months ago I purchased my favorite pair of opened toe booties [see them here] and well, when I discovered that my boyfriend Vince [as in Camuto] came out with a very similar style that I could wear not just in the fall, but in the winter as well, I was sold hook line and sinker. 

Real quick before we get started - when it comes to shopping for shoes, I have found Nordstrom to have the largest selection of high quality, absolutely adorable, comfortable shoes for all seasons. They carry a ton of brands that I love [hi again Vince! And then there is Halogen, UGG, Lucky Brand, Sam Edelman and more]. Because I don't have a Nordstrom close to me, I do 100% of my shopping with them online. Thankfully because of their free shipping and free returns [they even include the label for you!], it makes it super simple to order, try on, and decide if they work or not. Add in their sizing recommendations for each item and well, 9 out of 10 times it's a perfect fit. All of that to say, if you need some new shoes [I think that covers us all] be sure to check out their full selection of women's shoes

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few different ways to wear and style booties this season. Some people can be intimidated by booties but girlfriend, embrace em'. Find a pair that's comfortable, cute and durable and wear the heck out of them. Jeans, leggings, tights, bare legs, your options are unlimited. Here's 3 easy to achieve looks...

1. The ultimate "look, it's fall!" outfit - cardigan, scarf, floppy hat, coffee in hand, check, check, check!

I love everything about this outfit mostly because it just oozes cozy and makes me feel like a walking billboard for fall. To achieve this look I simply threw on a pair of distressed jeans, white long sleeve top, and high-low cardigan. I then proceeded to top it all off with a floppy hat, geometric scarf, handbag, and of course, ankle booties. Because these jeans are a little too long for me to wear regularly [I'm 5'4 for reference] I simply cuffed them up twice as you can see. Grabbed my beloved caramel apple spice and look complete! 

handbag - available in 3 colors [love this bag!]
high-low cardigan - available in 3 colors, wearing in XS

floppy hat - available in 5 colors
scarf - for tutorial on how to fold and wear this, watch here

2. The effortless dress 

mock neck shift dress - available in 5 colors/prints, wearing in small

Fall is the perfect time to soak up any lingering warmer temps that summer has left behind before the frigid temps that winter has right around the corner hits. I love the dress and bootie look as it's easy, yet looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit [jokes on them]. This is perfect for a fun daytime activity, an evening concert or any other excuse you can think to wear it! Ankle booties look awesome with bare legs spring, summer and all fall long. Note: if you can't bring yourself to do the whole bare legs thing [I get it, shaving is annoying], tights can be equally as cute.

3. The KISS look - Keep It Simple Sweetie 

If there was ever an outfit that spoke to me, it is this. Cozy sweater, comfy jeans, cute shoes and done. No frills, just good basics all together. I especially love the over-sized sweaters that don't require sucking in 24/7. Ain't nobody got time for that. I could just sit on random people's doorsteps all day long in this outfit...and I would have. Except they came home. oops.

jeans - true to size

ribbed mock neck sweater - available in several colors, size down - wearing in XS
[all photos shot by tina herschberger photography]

And there you have it - 3 looks to rock all season long. Now what are you waiting for - go find the booties of your dreams ladies!

disclosure: thank you so much to Nordstrom for partnering together for this post. While I am being compensated for this post, all items were hand selected and purchased by myself and opinions on how great they are, are 100% my own.



20+ EASY TO WEAR FALL OUTFITS // Links, Sales, Size Info + More!

Holy heck, it's been a long time coming for one of these posts to make an appearance again. I used to be like cheese on noodles when it came to weekly outfit round-ups and now I'm playing catch up on 3 months and counting. Consider that your warning that this post is long. Fortunately, I'm only posting outfits that are still in stock in most sizes so no worries there party people. A lot of the items are on sale so feast your heart out. Because this is a long post I'm going to shut up and just jump right in. A few quick notes for you: 

+ For reference I am 5'4, 125 lbs, typically a size 2 in tops and dresses and 26 in jeans/pants! Hope that helps for sizing suggestions!

+ In most photos you will see me wearing a couple of necklaces and a ring - all of which come from Stella and Dot recently. I love the personalized bar necklace [I had mine engraved with the coordinates of our favorite beach in California to watch a sunset from], this arrow necklace and my favorite ring

 Tunic [true to size, available in 9 colors, wearing in small] // Black jeans [true to size, order your typical size number as you will notice it is a little off! love these!] // OTK boots [30% off, available in 3 colors, true to size] // Purse

Tee [wearing in small - for a more fitted feel size down one, it's my go-to tee, I have it in 5 colors! 
Jeans [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here] // Shoes [20% off, my fav. flat ever! so comfy! wearing in black leather] // scarf [under $20, wearing in ivory multi!] 

 Cardigan [beyond soft, wearing in black in XS/S] // Striped tee [under $20, I would consider sizing down one] // Leggings [my fav leggings! If in between, size down, wearing in XS]  // Slippers [available in 8 colors, wearing in cactus flower - if 1/2 size, size up]

Striped tee [under $20, I would consider sizing down one] // Jeans [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here] // flats [wearing in Bordeaux suede, 20% off!]
vest [35% off making it $16! true to size, wearing in small]

vegan leather jacket [use code ADAY for 20% off! true to size, wearing in small, the best jacket ever!] // tee [use code EXTRASALE to make it less than $15! love this for a great basic! size down if in between, wearing in XS] // jeans [true to size] // flats [20% off, wearing in blush nappa leather]

 Top [true to size, wearing in small, available in 4 colors] // jeans [true to size]
Sandals [30% off! So comfortable!]  // Jewelry

 Top [I would size down, wearing in XS, available in 3 colors] // Cropped ankle pants [use code 1748 to receive $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 + buy one, get one 50%] // Wedges [use code 1748 to receive $10 off $50 or $25 off $100]

 tunic [33% off, available in 6 colors, size down, wearing in XS] // Leggings [my fav leggings! If in between, size down, wearing in XS] // leather boots [20% off, available in 3 colors, wearing in cognac/cognac regular calf - wide calf available here

 Cardigan [a new fav! so soft! wearing in XS, available in ALL sizes in 3 colors] 
White long sleeve tee [wearing in small, available in 11 colors] // Jeans [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here] // Booties [my fav of the season! wearing in coco loco leather] 

Scarf [under $30! for a tutorial on how to tie it, watch this] // Hat [wearing in grey, available in 5 colors]

sweater [so soft a great basic! size down, wearing in XS, available in 4 colors] // Jeans [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here] // flats [wearing in Bordeaux suede, 20% off!]

tee [use code EXTRASALE to make it less than $15! love this for a great basic! size down if in between, wearing in XS] // Black jeans [true to size, order your typical size number as you will notice it is a little off! love these!]  // flats [20% off, wearing in blush nappa leather]

 Sweater [available in 5 awesome colors, wearing in XS] // Black jeans [true to size, order your typical size number as you will notice it is a little off! love these!]  // Ankle booties [true to size, some of my fav!] // Hat [wearing in grey, available in 5 colors]

Tunic [available in 7 colors, consider sizing down one, wearing in XS] // Leggings [my fav leggings! If in between, size down, wearing in XS]  // OTK boots [30% off, available in 3 colors, true to size]

sweater [so soft a great basic! size down, wearing in XS, available in 4 colors] 
Jeans on left [25% off, if in between sizes size up one true to size] // flats [20% off, wearing in blush nappa leather] // vest [35% off, true to size] //  Jeans on right [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here] // leather boots [20% off, available in 3 colors, wearing in cognac/cognac regular calf - wide calf available here

 sweater [available in 5 colors, under $40, size down one - wearing an XS here and it's still a little big!] 
Jeans [25% off, if in between sizes size up one true to size] // OTK boots [30% off, available in 3 colors, true to size]

 sweater [also can wear as an open cardigan! size down if in between, wearing in XS] 
grey jeans [20% off, great stretch! true to size] // booties [20% off! available in 5 colors]

 cardigan [25% off, wearing in pewter small/medium] //  white 3/4 top [love these from express! wearing in small] // Black jeans [true to size, order your typical size number as you will notice it is a little off! love these!] // calf hair flats [20% off, true to size]

Blazer [my fav blazer, available in 4 colors, wearing in XS] // Tank from TJ Maxx or Marshalls a while ago
Cropped ankle pants [use code 1748 to receive $10 off $50 or $25 off $100 + buy one, get one 50%] 
Pumps [the most comfortable work shoes, 50% off, available in 6 colors]

Poncho [wearing in XS/S, fleece lined and amazing] // Jeans [25% off, if in between sizes size up one true to size] // Slippers [available in 8 colors, wearing in cactus flower - if 1/2 size, size up]

jacket [size up, wearing in medium, also available in brown] //  jeans [true to size]
wedges [true to size, available in brown as well]

sweater [available in 5 colors, runs true to size, wearing in pink tan heather] // Jeans [size down if in between, these are incredibly soft! more sizes here]  // Sandals [30% off! So comfortable!]

Do you have a favorite look from above? Also, what are YOU most excited to wear this fall? Drop a comment below and lets have ourselves some good ole fashioned girl talk around this joint!


5 Things // Weekend Away + Create and Cultivate

It's funny when you become a blogger who hardly blogs. Are you even considered a blogger anymore? I'm literally starting to wonder how to answer people when they ask "what do you do?" Is it okay to say "Well, I spend most of my day on Facebook, sometimes I'm on Instagram and every once in a while I write a blog post". I remember the days when I was a 5 posts a week type of girl. It's funny how that took place when I worked 40 hours outside of the home. Now I'm home nearly all of the time and I can't get my crap together enough to publish more than 2 posts a week. I'm not sure if that means I'm spending too much time in front of the refrigerator or what, but I need to try to get my act together. Spoiler: probably not happening.

Regardless, here I am blogging and stuff! HOOOORAY! To acclimate myself back into this process, I thought I would turn to my trusted "5 things" post so I can dump anything and everything on here. LONG LIVE THE ABILITY TO RAMBLE! Let's do this. Warning: All 5 things may pertain to my weekend away recently. 

1. When the Backstreet Boys make an appearance at the country concert you are attending, you will scream like a little girl and pee a tiny bit. It's okay though because everybody else around you did the same.

There we were [and by "we" I mean me and this girl] singing along to Florida Georgia Line as they did their thing and then all of a sudden, 5 boys appear on stage belting out "BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT!" So yeah, that was fun. Because we needed more excitement they threw Jake Owen [gosh I love that man in all of his barefoot glory] and Nelly out on stage too. It was hands down one of the better concerts of my life.

2. Speaking of concerts, my time in Nashville/Franklin was less than 24 hours but have no fear - I managed to not just pee my pants in that time but also shop at the cutest place ever [where's my Factory at Franklin lovers at], eat at Pieology, hang out on the most amazing screened in porch ever and so much more.

my shirt - wearing in small

3. Unfortunately as they say - all good things must come to an end so we had to say peace out to Tennessee after very little sleep, hop in the car and road trip it down to Atlanta.

If it appears that we parked our car on the side of a road with semis flying by at rapid speeds, had to run in stones and weeds [while wearing these shoes] just to get to the sign to snap a quick photo than you would be right. Back in the car we went and were welcomed to Atlanta with the world's worst traffic ever. Seriously though. It took 39 minutes to go 4 miles or something ridiculous like that. HOW DO YOU GEORGIA FOLK DO IT?

4. Saturday was the main event of the weekend - Create + Cultivate. I am becoming mildly obsessed with attending conferences for women entrepreneurs, especially in the online space. It is SO much fun to connect with like-minded women, meet those who you have admired for awhile [looking at you Belong Mag and Evy's Tree], learn from those who are doing it and doing it well [and by doing it I'm not talking about in the bedroom but more so pursuing their goals and dreams, but you know - whatever works], and coming home feeling motivated and inspired with a few new nuggets of wisdom to put into practice. I think the thing that stuck with me the most from what somebody said [it'd be cool if I could remember who] was that if you aren't willing to give something 5 years, don't give it 5 minutes. It's a piece of advice that I could totally afford to hear so if you're in the same boat, well there you go!

vest [wearing in small] // long sleeve tee [wearing in small] // black jeans // booties

5. The rest of the time was spent eating Mexican food [because duh], putting on charcoal face masks in the hotel room [I just tried this one and loved it! totally ordered for myself along with this cleansing balm], playing dress up, shopping at the coolest place on earth [visit Ponce City Market if you are in the Atlanta area!] and doing whatever else our hearts pleased for the 48 hours that we were there!
roomies // brooke + alissa
 dress [wearing in medium] // heels - SO comfy!

And there we have it - my time away in a long, long nutshell. Next conferences on the docket? Alt Summit in California and Thrive Conference in Texas. Will you be joining?

ps. fall is KILLING it right now in Indiana....