Before And After: The "Outdoor" Room

I've been debating on whether or not to post the official before and after photos of what we are now deeming "the outdoor room" on the blog yet. Partially because if you look close enough you still may see drywall patches that need painted, crown molding that needs finishing touches, a lack of decor on the majority of the walls, and then partially because I just forgot. However, for right now - it's as good as it's going to get. 

We aren't used to this two living room thing in our household, however I can tell you that I am absolutely loving it. Do you know how heavenly it is to tell your spouse to go to his designated room every evening while you retreat to your own? I watch any movie I want, he watches football, and then we meet in bed happy just in time to fall asleep. I promise at commercials we both mute our respective TVs and yell to one another to see how each other is doing. Occasionally if I am feeling really communicative, I'll shoot him a text with a picture of me when I was six months old or something equally exciting. 

So lets explain this room a bit -- when we first looked at the house I had zero clue what in the world we would use this weird space for. You see, it had this cut-out window in between this room and the kitchen which was just rather awkward. Add in the suuuuuuh-weet wood paneling and we had ourselves a masterpiece. Shockingly enough I didn't want to live with the current set-up and that's when it all hit me in the middle of the night before moving in that we needed to make this room feel like an outdoor patio of sorts. That's when the idea of shake siding, an actual bar, and other nautical dreams was born. Thankfully I have a husband who allows me to move forward with my crazy ideas [12% of the time] and he was down for it all. Because we have a formal living room already, I was allowed to have a little more fun with this one. And so that's what I did. Here are the before pictures..

I know. I can't believe I wanted to change a thing either. 

The first thing we did [other than rip out the carpet, blinds, anything else we could get our hands on] was have our handy siding friend come in and hang all of the shake siding. I was a little nervous as to how this would turn out because I've never actually seen it on the interior of a house, but I think I love it. 

[quick note: sometimes blogger decides to make my pictures look a little bit on the horrible side and today it decided to do just that, please excuse me while I go punch bloggers lights out. or something]

bar sign from junk art gypsyz 

The other big change was taking the window and turning it into a functional bar. We extended the counter from the kitchen into the room and had some corbels placed underneath and called it a day. I love being able to serve from within the kitchen to this room. And by that I mean I love when Shawn can slide a beer across the counter to me when I'm in here laying on the couch.

Here is the view from the kitchen of this area... 

And now for the remaining photos of the room in it's entirety without my commentary. 

I finally had some pictures I took developed and will be hanging them somewhere in this room
props to my husband for making that coffee table out of wood crates
 pillow cases from groopdealz and curtains from lowes

Now who's ready to come have a drink with me?

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Holiday Gift Guide #2

It's time for round two [or three, I can't quite remember] of my Holiday gift guide. The time when I get to tell you exactly how you should spend your money and then hope that you actually listen and fall madly in love with what you receive. I hope you are enjoying this series as it's going to be around for a few weeks yet. Today's line-up does not disappoint...lets take a peak. 

1. Kimonos // use code LIY20 for 20% off

Do you know what's better than not having to know somebody's size when purchasing something? Nothing. Which is why a kimono is the perfect gift for any lady in your life, or male if they are into that type of thing. This kimono hails from Lily and Sparrow Boutique which is new shop I just recently discovered and am absolutely in love with. Their lookbook essentials has me all sorts of heart eyes.

2. Scrabble Tiles Turned Necklaces // use code YELLOW15 for 15% off

I found this necklace and thought that my mom would love it -- [mom if you are reading, shut your eyes]. Wired Boutique makes all sorts of necklaces that are up cycled from scrabble and domino pieces which is all sorts of fun. Combine that with their prices of less than $15 [often under $10] and you've got yourself the perfect gift exchange gift / stocking stuffer / etc.

I believe I have mentioned Lifeguard Press before on here as I have a few of their Kate Spade items, but I wanted to bring your attention to this serving tray, tidbit plates, and glasses. I am a firm believer that the party is all in the props. Who cares if the cookies are burnt?! YOU HAVE PLATES THAT SAY CUTE THINGS! Needless to say I can't wait to have a few friends over for cocktails and cheese, because that's all I ever want out of life. 

And there we have today's gift ideas. Thanks for joining in on the fun. 



Christmas Home Tour

I know that I'm a little ahead of the game on the decorating home front and that people get all huffy puffy when you put your tree up before you eat your turkey, but you see...I've never been one to follow too many rules. Decorating for Christmas is absolutely always one of the best days of the year, so if I want the best day of the year to fall on November 15th, that's when it is going to fall dang it. I am suspecting the saddest day of the year will happen around April 12th when it all has to come down.

Because this was my first time decorating this house, I thought it would be fun to show it off a little bit. You know when you look at a house for the first time and you make all of those little comments to anybody who is listening about how fun it would be to decorate the mantle for Christmas, or how you can't wait to smell the real wood burning in the fireplace this Winter, etc etc and then all of a sudden you are living in that house and oh my gosh, it is even better to decorate/smell than you would have ever imagined? It's pretty fun when those once thoughts in your head become a reality and it's really all just as magical as you would have hoped it to be.

Long story short, we are decorated for Christmas whether anybody likes it or not and I am one happy little elf. 

Welcome to our Christmas home...come in. 

use code yellow for 5% off from Crafty Cute Designs for your own monogram wreath

sign from house of belonging [I want every single one in her shop]

In the kitchen we don't have a lot of decor, however I managed to fill up every possible area with signs of red, white, and silver.

We have two trees up this year -- the first one resides in our dining room. Saturday as I was hanging the ornaments on it, I put this comment on Instagram 

"Every Christmas since as early as I can remember, my aunt gave me an ornament that was representative from that years events. As I hang every one this morning I can't help but be filled with gratitude that she started this tradition and never stopped - I see the fire trucks in remembrance of Shawn's dad, the soccer ball from my middle school years, coffee mugs from my later years obsession of caffeine, and the latest addition - the John Deere tractor in honor of my grandfather who passed away a year ago this week. It's a tree full of memories and I cherish every one, excited to keep gathering these ornaments as life continues to happen. Thank you Aunt Rebecca for the best Christmas gift ever."

Next up is our "outdoor room" so I call it. I have yet to reveal that room in its entirety yet so stay tuned for more on that, but for now here is how parts of it are decorated. 

And last but not least, my favorite room -- the living room. The place with the mantle, stockings, wood burning fireplace, comfy couch, and numerous windows to watch the snow fall outside. Remember how last week I mentioned something about wanting to sell my house? I was an idiot then. I officially never want to leave thanks to Winter and all of it's cozy qualities. 

And that concludes today's Christmas home tour. If I don't show up around here for awhile, it's because I am sleeping under the tree and don't want to come out.