Things That Aren't Black & White To Me [Unlike This Outfit]

When sitting here drinking my 4 o'clock coffee thinking about if most spouses make out and cuddle or not, I started thinking about other things that aren't clear to me. My mind tends to work in mysterious ways. Why might I be thinking about such a thing right now? Don't ask. Okay fine, you asked. You see - sometimes when I try to go in for the kill Shawn tells me that my body is too hot. Like not hot looking but temperature hot. Apparently I radiate heat like no other and it drives him crazy. I feel like I'm constantly reminding him that "THIS GIRL IS ON FIIIIIIIIIIRE" but he doesn't see it as a redeeming quality. All of this to say it got me thinking about things that aren't always black and white. Coincidentally enough, I stumbled upon these photos from my Dropbox folder circa June 2016 and well, this whole blog post came together full circle. Let's get started. 

- Does every single person have THE HARDEST TIME coming up with an Instagram caption or is that just me? It clearly makes or breaks the photos. Do you stick with just emojis? Write something witty? Write a novel that has some deep meaning? Or do you say "screw it! not posting this!" 

- Are you always expected to wash your hands after peeing? Like what if you know without a shadow of a doubt that pee didn't get on your hands? 

- Is hiding a credit card bill from your husband considered lying or is it considered saving ones life?

- If one has cellulite on their legs and notices it in their photos, should one use the wrinkle remover feature on PicMonkey to hide that fact just a little bit or leave it untouched? Not saying I've ever done that [today] but you know, hypothetical question. 

- Are you a terrible human being for sometimes wishing you could witness a person on stilts hit the deck? 

- Those people who eat healthy 24/7, do they feel fulfilled in life? Like I get that they look good and don't have to worry about that whole cellulite editing feature but is shoving a dry piece of spinach with a side of kale chips really make them feel like they are winning at life? Because last time I checked McDonald's fries are freaking amazing. 

- Speaking of spinach, does not telling somebody that they have something in their teeth make you a bad friend or are you a bad friend for saying something and embarrassing them? 

- If you accidentally have two margaritas instead of one and you accidentally get a little tipsy, is it your fault or the margaritas fault?

Time out. I need a margarita.

- If you don't work at the dentist office are you still expected to floss your teeth? Certainly not right?

- Are robes supposed to be washed more than once a month or what is the general rule of thumb on that one?

- Is not doing anything considered doing something?

outfit deets // top [found it to be true to size, wearing a small], similar shorts [these came from stitch fix], wedges [currently 33% off making them less than $60 - holllllller]

And that concludes today's not so black and white thoughts and questions. Any of these same things considered a grey area in your world? 



A Blog Post Brought To You By Facebook Fans - From Kid Talk to How to Wear Over The Knee Boots, It's All Here

this picture serves no actual tie in to today's post however it's been awhile since Shawn's face has graced my blog and I figured it was about time. you're welcome Shawn. 

In my desperate and trying times of figuring out what to write about I took to my Facebook page to ask you, the readers on what you want to hear. As much as I could sit here and talk about the annoyances of how my weight gain is going straight to my boobs causing my bras to no longer fit, it's probably not something my dad wants to know a whole lot about. Sorry dad! Fortunately, several of you came through in the clutch and tossed out ideas on what to talk about. Today I'm going to make my way through a couple of those...

While on the subject of gaining weight and growing boobs, we will start with my mom's request - sharing my thoughts on having one child vs two. And probably what she means is "are you and Shawn ever having kids and if you do, how many are you having?!" so let's get to the bottom of that right now. I have no freaking clue if we are having kids or not - and believe me, we get asked often. I would like to think that yes, eventually we will either buy or birth one. I think we are both still waiting for us to develop a deep desire to have those cute little creatures - we are both really happy with our life right now and we really [no but like really] love our peace and quiet around the house. Not to say that we wouldn't absolutely love the chaos and fun that comes with little ones but for now we get our fix of that from our nieces and nephews. Unless I have twins the first go around or we adopt multiple right off the bat [chances of that are zero] I definitely think we will be more in the mindset of "let's start with one - see how it goes and if we get real wild and crazy we will add a second to the mix". All of that to say, wait and see what happens. And by that I mean report back in about 9 years or so.

Moving on, another special somebody wanted me to talk about a super healthy macaroni and cheese recipe. While I am sure such a thing exists [although it pains me to think about removing the butter and the cheese] I am not the source for such a thing. If you want the 1,000 calorie per scoop recipe - hit me up, totally your girl for that one. About that weight gain.... 

Last but not least for today's blog post purposes - several of you asked to talk about how to wear over the knee boots. While I may do a more in depth post [and by that I mean not just crappy mirror selfie photos] on my favorite over the knee boot outfits, I have a few ideas for you today. Keep in mind that I think you can wear OTK boots really with just about anything that you would wear with ankle booties, flats, riding boots, etc. My only one piece of advice is this - make sure when wearing riding boots or over the knee boots that the jeans or pants you are pairing them with are skinny. It doesn't look the best when you have denim all bunched up over the top of your boots. I prefer skinny jeans or leggings with my boots. Also, don't be intimidated by over the knee boots. I know they can be frightening if you haven't worn them before but girlfriends, rock that look. I think they are sexy, confident and really make a statement with any outfit. If you don't own any I will highlight two of my favorites below [along with cheaper options!] Here are a few easier than easy looks to pull off. 

1. Day of Running Errands - a simple tunic + skinny jeans + boots = easy peasy! 
tunic [size down one, wearing XS in purple potent] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

2. Date or Girls Night Out - Cute top + skinny jeans + boots = sexy woman! 
peplum bell sleeve top [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

 3. Cozy Fall Saturdays - Sweater + Jeans + Boots = Dream Outfit! 
cardigan [size down one] // tee [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]
necklace from my favorite boutique, miss chic

About these boots - I purchased both of these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. While I love them both, the brown ones are my absolute favorite as I typically always reach for brown over black [why is that?!] They truly are so comfortable, the perfect height and so beyond versatile. I love that both boots are suede for a slightly more casual look

If you are looking for a less expensive version of these two boots, I would suggest either these brown DV over the knee boots from Target for less than $50 or these flat Journee Collection boots for less than $60, also from Target! You can't go wrong on a great deal. 

ps. if you just can't with over the knee boots, these riding boots have come highly recommended to me by several people recently along with these [which I own and holy moses, they are amazing]. 

That completes today's segment of "my brain can't think for itself right now - feed me with ideas people!" Thanks to everybody who contributed an idea, I will be sure to get to them all in the next few weeks! 



Shop My Closet + The Best Weekend Sales

Another week, another round-up of outfits! Before we begin I just have to say thank you to all of you who have shown an interest in these silly little outfit photos. I was just telling Shawn this afternoon how much it means to me when I hear from one of you that I have helped inspire your wardrobe, that you finally found a pair of jeans that you love or that you feel more confident in your outfits. I love getting questions about my opinion on items, how to style something, etc. While I am certainly not a pro by any means I do know that we are all in this fashion thing together. If you don't follow me on facebook, we've been having a lot of fun over there. I love seeing the conversations going on and others posting items they love and all that good jazz. I never want to feel like these outfit mirror selfies are self indulgent. We are so much more than the clothes that we wear and I also hope that you know that yes, I post a lot of outfit photos however I am more concerned about what's going on beneath those clothes both in myself and in others. Long story short, I love each and every one of you and I am so grateful you allow me to have a little fun with my wardrobe and inspire me to dress better. xo. 

Now let's dive into last weeks outfits! Oh ps. there are a ton of sales happening this weekend so be sure to make your way down there to take advantage of some awesome prices on some awesome pieces! 

chaus floral print peplum blouse [runs true to size, wearing a size small - LOVE this top! 
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
wedges - true to size, use code 9671 for 15% off! free shipping!

cardigan - size down one, wearing an XS. these are a much better deal if you buy 2. Either grab 2 for yourself or get a friend, sister, mom etc to choose one as you can order in different colors and sizes! These are so versatile and comfortable! 
dress from miss chic [no longer available but they have a TON of cute things!]
leather lace up sandals - true to size and one of the best shoes I own wearing in smoke cloud 

 pleated hem sweater - size down, wearing an XS // it is sheer in the back so I recommend wearing a white cami underneath 
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
calf hair flats - true to size // available in other color and print options here, I wear these ALL the time!

cross front top - runs true to size, wearing a size small. I love this as a great wardrobe staple! 
mossimo shorts from target - no longer available online
leather wrap sandals - true to size, currently on sale

turtleneck sweater [true to size,wearing a small, under $50 and available in 4 colors] //
 similar jeans // flats // available in other color and print options here // purse
heels featured in second photo

black tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
 black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever] 

plaid top [size down one, wearing in XS in ivory doyle plaid] 
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
  black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever]// converse shoes

button up twist front top [true to size, wearing in small - available in 5 colors, under $50 - love this!]  jeans // purse // flats // available in other color and print options here

 cardigan [true to size, wearing a small - LOVE this!] // black tank 
   black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever] // wedges 
purse [under $100, love this berry color for fall!]

off the shoulder bell sleeve top - size down one, wearing an XS. available in 4 different colors/prints
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
leather strap sandals - currently 30% off, so comfortable and cute!

cardigan - size down one, wearing an XS. these are a much better deal if you buy 2. Either grab 2 for yourself or get a friend, sister, mom etc to choose one as you can order in different colors and sizes! These are so versatile and comfortable! 
blank nyc jeans - true to size, however you may want to size up one if you are in between sizes
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 

floral stephanie tunic sweater - consider sizing up one, wearing a medium. so cute! 
cutout booties - true to size 

denim jacket - favorite one I've ever owned [I've worn this for years] wearing size small
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
 black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever]
flats from Payless but a year or so old! 

And for all of the amazing sales happening this weekend....

+ LOFT // Buy one get one 50% off on all tops and sweaters + an extra 50% off all sale items 
My picks include these earrings [only $5!], this lace up top, tasseled tunic sweater [only $15!], cropped black pants for work [less than $30!] and these utility blouses

+ GAP // 35% off with code TGIF

+ Banana Republic // Extra 40% off sale items
My picks include this dress and this button up shirt

+ POTTERYBARN // 30% off all pillows with code PILLOWS + free shipping on entire order with code FREESHIP

+ J. Crew // 25% off select items and an extra 30% off all sale items with code REFRESH 

+ Old Navy // 30% off everything [no code needed]

+ Madewell // 25% off select styles with code YESPLEASE

My picks include this tunic and this heart tee

+ Macy's // up to an extra 20% off with code SUPER

+ Steve Madden // extra 30% off clearance styles with code BONUS30
My picks include these sandals and these heels 



A Complete Guide On How To Buy And Wear The Jeans Of Your Dreams

I've never been a jean snob nor really gave much thought to length, comfort, and overall fit as I have always been more concerned about two things - price and price.

It wasn't until the past year or so when I started to find myself frustrated on how to actually wear the jeans I owned. Most of which were way too long, baggy in the places you didn't want them to be baggy and the only thing I wanted to wear were tall boots to cover the awkward "do I roll these up? do I roll them under? do I go naked and just forget about jeans all together??!" And don't even get me started on the option of getting them shortened or hemmed. Oh hail no, ain't nobody got time for that. Because hemming hasn't been an ideal option for me, I've had to really look at what makes up a great pair of jeans for me and my body type.

As I have gotten a little older, wiser and comfortable with what I feel and look good in, I've discovered some tips that have helped me buy the best jeans for me that fit perfectly, that I know how to style every time and that still fit within my budget. Today we're going to unravel all of those things. 

Let's start with the most important in my opinion - fit. For years I've turned to Target and Old Navy for jeans. While they were okay and definitely budget friendly, I wasn't ever confident in my sizing as it could range from sizes 0-9 which got to be slightly confusing. Within the past year I have started looking for brands that are sized by inches. By doing so I have been able to narrow down exactly what pant size I need 99.9% of the time. A HUGE help to me has been the Nordstrom True Fit Calculator. After filling out the questionnaire one time, it shows me what my recommended true fit would be for every pair of jeans that I am looking at on their website. Luckily, it hasn't failed me yet. One thing I have done before is I will order two sizes [my typical size is 26, however sometimes 27 fits just a tad better] and then get them, try them both on and return the one that doesn't fit how I like. Be sure to only do this when ordering from websites that offer free returns. 

Another recommendation I would suggest is to read both what the website says to be true about sizing but also what the reviews say from those who have purchased the jeans that you are interested in. This can be a huge help when people share their height, weight and what their thoughts were for how they fit and felt. Now, one of the most important things in regards to fit and length is this - the inseam. GET TO KNOW WHAT YOUR PREFERRED INSEAM IS! Your inseam is going to be different from mine, even though we may be the same height. It all has to do with the length of your legs and believe me, owning jeans that are way out of whack length wise will deter you from ever wearing them or feeling confident and comfortable in when you do wear them. Here is how you can figure out your preferred inseam: 

1. Get out your favorite pair of jeans that you own length wise and lay them out flat 
2. Measure from the bottom of the crotch seam down to the ankle seam
3. This number is your preferred inseam

Things to think about when it comes to inseam and length - you will most likely want to own jeans with different inseams. Currently, my favorite length of jeans are those with an inseam of 25-26 which hit above the ankle [for reference I am 5'4 and have average length legs]. I have found these to be the easiest pairs of jeans for me to wear as I can easily wear them with flats, heels, wedges, athletic shoes and ankle booties. While I love a rolled up look, I love not having to touch a thing even more. Because of this I try to locate jeans that have "ankle jeans" in the title. Here's a great example of above the ankle jeans and the different ways they can be worn. 

plaid top [size down one] // white tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // converse shoes
cardigan [true to size] // black tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // wedges // purse
black tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // black and white striped flats [true to size]

You will also want to own jeans with a longer inseam for times when you are wearing shoes with height. For me personally, jeans with an inseam of around 27-28 are perfect for heels. Anything 28 or higher for me is either going to be rolled up or rolled under. We'll get to that more in a second. 

When shopping online, you should be able to locate the inseam on the website. For example, look at this pair and click on Details + Care on the right hand side [under check store availability]. It is there where you will see what the inseam is. Start checking this number every time you are buying jeans to know if these will be a good option for you or not. 

Now that you hopefully know what your desired inseam is, here are a few pair of jeans for each range that I would suggest. 

24- 26 inch inseam 

27 inch inseam

28 inch inseam

29 inch inseam

30 inch inseam

31 inch inseam


33 inch + inseam

So what do you do if you already own jeans that are a little too long yet you don't want to have them shortened by a seamstress? Easy! You have two options - either cuff them up or roll them under. Two years ago I rolled everything under. These days I gravitate towards rolling them up. This is going to be a personal preference - if you prefer a cleaner look I would suggest folding under. When doing this try to keep the height right around your ankle bone as that is typically the most flattering point for your jeans to hit. Also be sure to of course make sure they are lined up evenly. I typically sit on the ground and put both legs out flat next to each other to compare the length and make sure they are even. Here's an example of jeans that I rolled under to keep a cleaner look. 

tank from stitch fix // jeans // sandals 

If you would like a little edgier look or the inside of your jeans have an seam worth showing off [this is something you should be mindful of when deciding between rolling up or folding under - for example, the jeans shown above have a very plain and clean inside seam so they wouldn't look right if I did cuff them up]. When deciding what you want your jeans to look like cuffed up, you have a couple of options - you can either keep to smaller rolls or folds [when doing this I typically roll twice] or do just one large cuff. Boyfriend or straight leg jeans are definitely more conducive to smaller cuffs while skinny jeans can typically look great with one larger cuff. Here's some examples of what I mean. 

One larger cuff: 
cardigan [size down one] // white tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // wedges
cargo jacket [size down one] // white tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // new balance shoes

Smaller Cuffs:
turtleneck sweater [true to size] // similar jeans // flats // purse
cardigan [true to size] // black tee [true to size] // similar jeans // michael kors slip ons

Now that we have your size and inseam figured out, lets talk style of jeans. Everybody is going to have a different preferred style for your body type. The most common styles are going to be skinny, boot-cut, flare, boyfriend and straight. To give you an idea of which is which, see below. 

cardigan [size down one] // white tee [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // booties [whiskey brow leather] 

pullover sweater [true to size] // similar jeans // heels // purse

turtleneck sweater [true to size] // similar jeans // flats // purse
turtleneck sweater [true to size] // similar jeans // heels 

                            cardigan [true to size] // black tee [true to size] // similar jeans // wedges 
                  cardigan [true to size] // black tee [true to size] // similar jeans // michael kors slip ons

top [true to size] // jeans // purse
cargo jacket [size down one]  // baseball tee [true to size] // jeans similar // booties

Here's a few tips for selecting your style and fit based on your body shape: 

+ Regardless of your shape, the stretchier the denim typically the more flattering. These are my favorite pair of denim that have a nice stretch with a butter-like feel. 

+ Pockets flatter your booty. The larger they are, typically the more flattering they can be. 

+ If you have shorter legs, try flared legs as they can elongate your legs - especially when paired with heels. Another popular style for petite people to wear is cropped jeans. 

+ If you are curvy, gravitate more towards a high rise jean. If you are more straight and narrow, stick to a mid or low rise jean. You may also want to consider looking for a more straight leg jean the curvier you are. 

Typically you won't figure out what you think looks best on you until you try them all. I have learned that my favorite styles that I feel best in are skinny and flare. Boyfriend and straight don't flatter my figure in the slightest and boot-cut are hard for me to pair with shoes. 

Moving on - denim wash. This will also be a personal preference, however I would recommend darker washes for figure flattering purposes. Lighter washes typically look a little edgier to me while darker washes have a more classic refined look. I would recommend having medium to dark washes for the majority of your jeans [I think you will find these are most versatile], one or two pair of a light wash jean, one or two pair of black denim as it's a staple all winter long and one or two pair of white jeans that will last all spring and summer long. One thing you may want to avoid is an overly blue denim wash. The bluer the wash the harder it is to pair with tops. At least that's been my discovery. 

Phew - there we have it friends. Any questions drop them below in the comments or ask em' over on my facebook page. I'd love to hear any suggestions you may have! Cheers to our legs lookin' good ladies! 



Blog Life [A Look Inside My Daily Routine]

In my recent quest to figure out what in the heck to write about on this blog, somebody suggested that I show what a typical "day in the life" looks for me. While I have done this once or twice before since starting this blog 5 years ago, my days now look much different than when they did back then. This is mostly because I am now home much more than I ever was. Because I am almost positive that the majority of my friends, family and sometimes even my husband don't really understand what I do in my normal 8-5 I thought it would be fun to share. Before we break it all down, here's a brief snapshot of the jobs that I have [yes, it's plural. yes, my head is typically spinning in every which direction. yes, I don't keep it all straight and yes, I am usually always behind on everything, however I thrive on being busy and love the variety of my days - that is until I reach my breaking point in which case it gets ugly and my husband gets to experience a lot of tears which is fun ;)].

So what do I do? 

1. I work part-time [around 12 hours a week] outside of the house for a local credit union as their social media coordinator. While I have worked at the credit union for 9+ years, this position is brand new to me so I've been knee deep in learning how to make social media exciting for a credit union. A harder feat than some may think but a fun challenge. 

2. I work as a project manager for Pollinate Media Group. I have been doing this for a couple of years now and have recently taken on more of a "full-time" roll with them. This takes up the majority of my time and I absolutely love it. While I love being a blogger, it is so much fun to be on the other side of blogging sometimes. I work daily with bloggers and the work they are doing for campaigns we are running. This consists of emails, reading a lot of blog posts, writing campaign instructions and general oversight that everything is going smoothly ensuring our clients will be happy with our bloggers work. 

3. I also recently started being a contributor for Target Made Me Do It which means I write around 5 blog posts a month for the site. You can see a few of my favorite posts including this strawberry basil moscow mule and home accents under $25

4. Last but not least, I am the blogger behind Living In Yellow. This blog has been running now for over 5 years and has been the source of so many crazy, fun, overwhelming but mostly awesome memories. It has been so fun to watch it evolve over time but even more fun to look back at and see the thousands of words and pictures that hold so much of my life in this one space. 

Phew - now that you have an idea of what I do, lets bust out what my typical days look like. Because I only work outside the house for 12 hours a week, it means I have a couple of days every week where my home is my office all day. Today happens to be one of those days so I've been busy shooting photos to give you a glimpse into what it looks like. 

7:00 am - I typically wake-up around this time [I know, I'm a slacker - I used to be so good about getting up at 6:30 and have slowly started the descent into "but I don't want to wake up yet...."]

7:30 am - By about this time I am fully out of bed and ready to start the day, which means one thing - coffee. 

Maggie is my biggest supporter and sidekick during the days that I am home and loves to be right by my side at ALL times of the day, coffee time included. 

It is while I drink my coffee that I typically open up my daily planner [I swear by The Day Designer] and get a grasp around what I need to accomplish for the day and add anything else that comes to mind. I write down every single thing that I can think of as a small portion of my self worth comes in the moments that I get to scratch them off as done. You know the feeling, don't act like you don't. 

Candles are always lit, Pandora is always playing [the stations vary depending on my mood, today's station happened to be Back That Azz Up which holds true to my ghetto tendencies. in case you didn't realize I'm quite hood. except not at all].

Okay so maybe I am a little bit based on what my daily outfit looks like around the house. 

UGG slippers and workout clothes - really there's nothing better and a definite perk of working from home. 

Depending on the weather you can either find me propped up at the center island in our kitchen or if it's nice out [this morning was rainy] I will be outside on our back patio underneath the umbrella. 

9:00 - 12:00 -  This is probably my most productive work time. Mornings are my jam as I typically find myself distracted and too caffeinated in the afternoons to sit still. It is during this morning time that I work on all things Pollinate and if I have time I will try to squeeze in writing a blog post. Today consisted of reading through blogger's posts that were due this morning for a certain campaign, sending emails and shooting photos for this post. 

Like I said, Maggie refuses to leave my side so next to me she sleeps during all of this. 

let's stay in sign - made by my talented sister, joyfully said signs

While this is my prime computer work-time, I find a few things to get me up and moving every so often as the tingling feeling of my legs and feet falling asleep can be too much for me to bare sometimes [does that drive anybody else nuts?!] I am quite anal about keeping an orderly house so this morning's distractions included doing a load of laundry...

everybody wave hello to my bikini top and favorite strapless bra which are just chillin' while they dry

A little loading and unloading of the dishwasher happened along with a quick trip to the grocery store to stock up on toilet paper and dog food. You know, the things 30 year olds buy. 

Maggie and I get hungry [often] and our favorite go-to snacks are these overpriced Sargento Balanced Breaks that I can't stop buying. Just a heads up - I did find them at Sam's Club for a reasonable price so if anybody else is obsessed with these try shopping there to avoid fights with your husband over spending $5 on a very minimal amount of cheese and cashews. 

12:00 - By about this time I am getting hungry for real food so either a quick run to Taco Bell [it's true, I am the world's worst eater] or leftovers in the fridge are what I snag to eat. Because I don't have any other plans today over lunch back to work I go... 

"no where to go, no where to be" custom sign made for me by my sister, joyfully said signs

Except then I got distracted by some dirt on my floors so this happened. 

I'm about to sound real old, but this vacuum is everything. If you look closely you won't see any cords. That's because it doesn't have any. I use this baby on all of our hardwood floors and in the bedrooms on the carpet. It's the easiest thing to whip around everywhere as no plugging and unplugging is constantly needed. It's the Hoover Cordless Air in case you are wondering. Totally not sponsored, just Erin tested and Erin approved.

1:30 - 2:00 pm - Weekly conference call with my Pollinate ladies 

2:00 - 3:00 pm - Still in full work mode I jump back on my computer to tend to anything that needs done. Today that consists of sending more emails, editing photos for this blog post, writing today's post and anything and everything else that needs taken care of. 

3:00 - 6:00 pm - It's about this time in the day that I start thinking about potentially doing something with my appearance. Depending on the day I may or may not work out [this typically translates to may not] however today I have high hopes to jump on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. Without about an hour to spare I will jump in the shower and get all dressed up in normal human clothes to trick my husband into thinking that I look like a reasonable human being and not like a piece of trash all day while he is gone. Key word being trick there. Because I have started taking more every day outfit photos for my blog and social media accounts I make my way to my closets and clothes racks [because lets be real, I might have a shopping problem and my closets can't hold it all] to put together something cute for the evening. After I am finally dressed and have make-up on my face I will run any additional errands that need run for the day before Shawn arrives home.

purse // shoe containers - currently on sale 

5:00 - 12:00 am - My evenings can vary greatly depending on what type of plans are in store. Typically it involves cooking dinner [we are still hooked on Hello Fresh meals - if you click on this link you will get $40 off your first box!] or going out to eat, a boat ride with a glass of wine, some possible blog/computer work [ie: tonight I have photos with my blog photographer], post and respond to social media comments, turn on the TV [I never ever have TV on during the day - just a little quirky fact about me] and unwind from the day. Usually I won't fall asleep until around midnight or so and then come 7 am I start all over again!

And that my friends, concludes a day in the life....it may not be the most glamorous of things but I sure love it.

+ all photos in today's post shot with my Sony a5000 camera and 50-210 lens.