Twit Heads Unite

Just popping in to wish everybody a very good Friday (pun intended) and an even good (er) Easter. We have all sorts of fun shenanigans happening this weekend, including an Easter lunch at Chipotle. All signs are pointing to that decision being the best one I have ever made in my life. I'll confirm that for you on Sunday at 1:00 pm right after I drown myself in rice, beans, and chips. 

"For God so loved the world that he gave us Chipotle.." Amen. 

While I'm out gallivanting around, I figured I would leave you with the chance to win $350 just for following a few of us twit heads on twitter (find me @livinginyellow). If you're lucky, maybe we will arrange for the blue twitter bird to drop the cash off at your doorstep. Hopefully he doesn't accidentally run into your glass patio door on it's way, I hate when that happens. 

I'm off to tell myself that I should have worked out while I sit in the bath instead. Happy weekend loves. 

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I Blog For Money [And Why You Should Too]

Every once in awhile there is chatter around the internet about "bloggers who blog for money" and with it comes a great deal of negativity and criticism. There is a giant misconception that if you blog for money, you clearly don't care about your readers, the only thing you publish is sponsored content, and at the end of the day you must be a terrible greedy person [certainly not a smart business woman who places any value on time, creativity, and influence]. In other words, if you make money off of your blog, your blog content most likely sucks.

And this bothers me. 

Perhaps I find the whole topic very weird to me because for one, I have never been questioned on why I am okay with a collecting a paycheck from my primary employer. And two, I have never been scolded for "doing work" at work. I don't expect to show up daily for another person or company and not receive compensation for the time given. Nor do I expect to receive compensation from somebody without bringing attention and energy to their products or services. Shouldn't we treat ourselves and sponsors with the same respect?

While blogging is fun, it is work. And while I love organically mentioning shops and blogs, I also value the work and time I have invested into cultivating a community and influence through this blog. To some it may seem silly that I can help pay our bills from tweeting, posting a picture on Instagram, or sharing a link on Facebook, but when those tweets, Instagram photos, and links on Facebook produce real sales for real people which equates to real money..there is value in those silly mentions isn't there?

Do I believe that there needs to be a healthy balance between non-sponsored content and sponsored content to maintain a strong readership base that wants to come back daily? Absolutely. But do I recognize the fact that this blog is my job and with any job, I want to maximize my income opportunities to my full potential? Absolutely. While I would love to make money off of this blog and be able to talk about anything and everything I want every single day, I would also love to eat five pounds of macaroni and cheese nightly without gaining weight. Both of which are very unrealistic (and sad) truths. The pounds do come from the macaroni and cheese and additional work does come from sponsorship. I have chosen this path for my blog and I celebrate the others that have as well.

Blogging is a very real thing to me. It has provided countless relationships, awesome opportunities, and healthy paychecks. I am not ashamed of any of the above.

You are not a sell out when you put a price tag on your services. You are smart. You shouldn't feel guilty for using some of your blog's prime real estate to show off blogs and shops that you love, but rather grateful that you have the opportunity to do so. It is okay to make a career out of your once hobby. Own it and do not be ashamed.

Blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. 

+ speaking of having the opportunity to work with incredibly awesome people/businesses, House of Bliss completely re-wrote my advertise page and I could not be happier with it. Charissa (find her on twitter here) is a genius // magic maker when it comes to helping your blog and/or shop make money by the words you use. Truly, I am obsessed with what she is doing. Hire her here.

+ that dress featured up above in the first picture--here it is in all of it's glory...

GorJess and LoveLee (clever right?) is a fabulous boutique I recently discovered and have been so impressed with the quality of their items. Just thought you should know! 

Now go make that money ladies. #proudofyou



How To Make Your Man Love You More

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CuberoLuxury http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Every once in a great while I will get this strange idea to do something nice for my husband. I'm not sure if it was because I knew I was heading out of town for a girls weekend to shop or if because I had heard him say the words "I need to have a poker night soon" a thousand times over? Regardless I figured it was time to surprise that little man of mine. I knew three things going into this: 

1. There needed to be beer and cigars involved
2. They would need food to eat
3. Cards and poker chips would most likely come in handy 

That's when I threw this concoction together...

That's right--a poker night in a box [or in a case for this matter]. Obviously Cheez-Its and popcorn made the cut, along with the cutest (am I allowed to call cigars cute?) cigars I've ever seen.I found those little Cubero cigars at Walmart for a few bucks a pack and knew they would fit perfectly into my professionally made case of beer. 

I topped it all off with some candy (not visible), brightly colored yellow tissue paper, and a card explaining what this box was all about. Needless to say he was pleased and we alllllll know what happens when your man is pleased....well nothing typically, but hypothetically speaking lets say if he didn't fall asleep//play on his iPad//or eat cookies and milk after opening said surprise you could imagine what would happen. For the record, he fell asleep. Don't worry mom and dad. Virgin for life.

And here is the unfolding of the poker night in a box...

Success. Now if only he would have won enough to pay for my shopping addictions. Until next time...

Ladies, have any of you ever done a surprise in a box type of thing? If so, what did you do it for and what did you fill it with? I loved this idea and want to do it more often..do share.



Weekend Discoveries

This weekend was one that I wish I could hit the repeat button on. For starters, it actually felt like Spring around here which was reason enough to blow confetti in anybody and everybody's face that I came in contact with. Unfortunately I only experienced this experience in my head [and it was magical] but seriously, fist pounds Indiana for representin' for once. California what?

During the past three days I have come across a few things that I have dubbed "blog worthy" so like any good blogger would do, I shall now share them with you.

+ Bacon cheeseburgers, while a wee bit unhealthy, are the best thing to eat after a full day of shopping. Or after a full day of doing nothing. It really doesn't matter the timing at all now that I think about it. Just bacon cheeseburgers, forever and always, amen.

+ The "Songs to Sing in the Shower" playlist on Spotify is as good as it sounds. We're talking Ace of Base, Spice Girls, AND Outkast. I know, I peed my pants a little bit too.

+ This rug from Ikea is the most non-negotiable item I've bought in a few weeks.

+ Husbands don't argue you with you when you actually adhere to the spending limit they put you on when going away for the weekend with your mom and sister. I mean if I would have known this, I would have done it yeeeaaaaaaaaaaars ago ;)

+ Squirting Grapefruit oil into your water is pleasantly delicious. Even if you hate grapefruit as much as I do.

+ Shopping for hats to attend the Kentucky Derby in is as thrilling and intimidating as you may think it would be. BECAUSE WHAT IF SCOTT DISICK OR JESSICA SIMPSON IS THERE?! These are the thoughts that haunt excite me at night.

+ I wear that necklace up above every single day now. I can't help it. For a [much] closer look, here you go.

 from Mia Earrings // Erin20 for 20% off 

+ Bonfires, while fabulous, are a little bit scary when winds are over 400 mph. Unless you like ashes in your face, in which case bonfires are strictly fabulous.

+ A rum and diet without diet is really just rum.

+ Sunday evenings are made for eating popcorn on the couch and not for writing blog posts. time to make like a banana and split.



The Girl Behind "Living In Yellow"

necklace: crave jewels // special price for $39 // win on on IG here

It's easy to only see one side of a person through blogging. We are able to edit our lives in this space...it's entirely up to us if we want to share the hard // ugly // lonely // messy times among the happy // exciting // rainbows and unicorn times. Recently I read something here that really resonated with me -- "I hope you don't compare real life to an edited one" and I thought yes...so yes. While I choose to write this blog, I also choose to only share what I want. Ultimately this space is built around happiness. The title alone reflects this as living in yellow is a direct comparison to living with joy. It is not my goal or intention to show up here and complain about everything that isn't going right in my life. It's not a space to spread negative thoughts or feelings. However, I do want this to be a real place. I want you to know that what you struggle with, I most likely do too. I am not ashamed to say that I mess up often, I deal with all sorts of temptations, I feel lonely several times a week, I am learning how to live with anxiety, I get jealous of other's peoples successes on occasion, I am selfish, I question if I am truly happy with where I am at in life right now, I get frustrated with my lack of motivation sometimes, I wish my hair would stop breaking off like crazy, and the list goes on...and on..and on. 

But on the reverse side to all of that, I am loved by a heck of a lot of people. I dance in the kitchen just because, I compliment people often because I think it's one of those beautiful things to do for one another, I laugh at nearly everything I say, I am proud of what I have accomplished and I get excited about my future, I love my eyes, I don't embarrass easy, I believe in generosity, and I believe in Jesus. At my very core there is a tremendous amount of joy that I choose to tap into daily. It's not always easy but it's always worth it. 

You may not ever hear all parts of my story but it doesn't mean those parts don't exist. 

Welcome to my edited life. 



Dear Erin,

Dr. Erin is back in the house today for another round of Dear Erin, questions. Before we begin, I am going to need some vodka. We have some very important questions to answer today and to do so, I must make sure that I am in the proper mindset to hand out such fragile life changing information. One moment please. 

Okay, thank you for your patience. I believe I am now capable to offer only the utmost responsible advice. Lets start with our first question for today's segment. 

Dear Erin, 

Recently my husband and I have been fighting about money often. He thinks that I spend too much, and I think he is a cheap ____. How do we stop the fighting and find a happy spending/saving balance? 

Spending In Seattle

Dear Spending In Seattle, 

Weird. It sounds as though I wrote this very question. Here are my words of wisdom on this topic: start drug smuggling. I know that this sounds a little scary and like something that is not exactly legal, but let me explain. The only real way to solve this problem between you and your husband is to have more money to spend [preferably money that he doesn't know about]. Obviously getting a second job is out of the question because that requires putting in time that should be spent on shopping. Along the obviously lines, agreeing to just spend less and save more to appease your husband is also not an option as that will lead to a very deep, dark, life that none of us should have to live. Which is why I go back to drug smuggling. The hours are minimal, it gets you out on the streets which puts you closer to the mall, and because you will have it spent before you have the chance to put it in a bank account [i think that's what they are called], your husband will have no idea that you had it in the first place. Maybe just keep some pepper spray on you for ICE purposes. Not that I foresee having any "emergency" situations when drug smuggling, but you never know who is going to try to get that striped nautical shirt for $3 on the clearance rack at Gap before you. Safe over sorry, you know how it goes. Before you know it you and your husband should be back to the truly madly deeply state Savage Garden taught us all about. 

ps. marry rich next time. 


Dear Erin, 
I am single but don't want to be. How can I fix this situation?

No Longer Want To Be The Title Of A Beyonce Song

Dear No Longer Want To Be The Title Of A Beyonce Song, 

You don't want to fix this situation. If you do, you will be drug smuggling soon. Don't tell anybody, but this means that you will most likely either be dead or in jail within a few months. Stay single, life is there. 

ps. If you still feel the need to find yourself a mate, start texting/calling/emailing/showing up randomly/talking about marriage/babies/and growing old with your crush. I heard never stopping any of the above works wonders. Oh, and cry A LOT around them. Boys love that. 


Dear Erin, 

Boxers or briefs? 

Get In My Pants

Dear Get In My Pants,

First of all, gladly. Secondly, I prefer neither personally. If you can't feel free in your own pants, where can you? I have a theory that if you wear any of the above you obviously have control issues, don't know the true definition of YOLO, you are very boring, have no social skills, and you most likely choose water over beer. Nothing personal obviously, I am sure you are very nice [or at least tolerable] and are very good at making your way through obstacle courses. But seriously already, loosen up and have some fun. There is life there.


And that concludes today's Dear Erin, column.

If any of you are having questions that you know only I could answer appropriately, please submit them below. I will make sure to change your life forever in the next Dear Erin, blog post. Until then, cheers friends. 

ps. word on the street is that there are a few previous love, yellow items available + I am starting to offer blog consultations once again. holler back youngin'. 



My Closet Is Dealing With Bi-Polar Disorder

Indiana has this problem where it doesn't quite know what it wants out of life. Often we refer this to as being a woman and other times we refer to this as "WTF IS HAPPENING HERE?" For instance, two minutes ago I was sitting outside drinking a Corona soaking up the rays and now I am freezing inside my house watching the rain fall. It can't seem to get its act together. This could explain why it feels as though I have been sick two million and twenty-five times this winter. Approximately that is. Needless to say, it all gets a little confusing when trying to prepare your closet for Spring and Summer. Do you buy snowsuits or swimsuits? Boots or flip flops? Sunglasses or full face masks? It's true, people around here have to wear those hideous things where only your eyeballs and mouth can be seen. You think the bad guy from SCREAM is coming at you and then you remember, oh no, it's just negative thirteen hundred below outside. Because of this great weather dilemma, I have decided to settle on two pieces this Spring and two pieces only--sweaters and swimsuit cover-ups. Hypothetically speaking the cover-up would be for day and the sweater for night, but around here anything goes. Fortunately for me, I found a company who delivers both items, Subtle Luxury.

First let's start with the sweater. I don't know about you, but good quality [cute] sweaters are hard to come by. They are either way too bulky or way too thin. They unravel, ball up, make me sweaty, or leave me freezing. Basically sweaters are a necessary evil....until now. There is this word that makes sweaters perfect beyond perfection--cashmere
. It's a fancy word I know, but you know what? Fancy equals fantastic.

And then there is the swimsuit cover-up. So you remember how I have this weird love affair going on with maxi dresses right now right? Like, it's a can't stop won't stop type of deal. Well, I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of a freaking maxi cover-up [and life officially can't get any better]. Technically I am not sure if it is a swimsuit cover-up, however you can bet every last dollar that this is what I am using it for. Beach days, lake days, jumping in a pond on a rainy day...this is my outfit. It's genuine silk people. SILK. THE STUFF PEOPLE DREAM ABOUT.

I officially have everything I will ever need for this Spring and Summer. With that being said, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Subtle Luxury and their clothing truly is. High quality items are hard to find these days, but these my friends...this is where it's at. 

Make sure to use the code YELLOW20 for 20% off whatever your heart desires from Subtle Luxury. I would start with the maxi though, it's pretty non-negotiable.

While in the giving spirit, Subtle Luxury would like to give one of you the chance to win a SPUN scarf of your choice. My personal favorites are the sparkle collection...for obvious reasons known as "sparkle".