Shop My Closet // Recent IG Looks + Sales

This week was a little nutty on the nut scale. Lots of plans which meant lots of reasons to get dressed. From drinks with friends, hosting dinner, going to book club, movie night and frozen yogurt with my nieces - it was all quite fun but left me in bed by 8:30 come Friday night. Fortunately this weekend we don't have any major plans so cheers to that, bring on the sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

There are a TON of awesome sales happening this weekend so in addition to sharing last week's outfits and sale info on the pieces I'm wearing, I also included a list of the best sales happening down below. Take advantage and stock up. Speaking of sales, are y'all ready for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Apparently they take their new fall items and slash em' down to 40% off. That means brand new inventory at crazy low discounted prices. Lucky for you I'll be sharing my top items under both $100 and $50 as soon as it rolls out so stay tuned for that [early sale shopping starts July 14th which basically means you need to have either the Nordstrom Credit or Debit card to have access to it and the regular general public sale starts July 22nd. You best believe I got that debit card so I can have first dibs ;)]

Here's this weeks line-up! Remember to follow me on Instagram here and here to see my daily looks live or follow me along over at liketoknow.it here!

knotted tee [wearing a size small, currently 25% off making it less than $25 - comes in 8 colors and prints!] // white cropped distressed jeans // crossbody bag [less than $40, comes in 3 colors - I love the size!] // leather wrap sandals [currently 19% off, so comfortable and cute!]  

Fringe wrap [so soft and fun for the 4th! less than $30!] // white Tee [wearing a medium, 2 for $28!] // cropped jeans [currently 40% off making them less than $40!] //  crossbody bag [less than $40, comes in 3 colors - I love the size!] // leather sandals - currently 33% off

my favorite blazer [wearing a small, use code WKND for 20% off!] // tank from stitch fix [similar here] // favorite ankle length work pants [use code 9497 for 15% off!] ankle strap pumps [available in 7 colors, so comfy!]

Coverup maxi dress [my favorite! wearing a small, available in other color options here and here!] //  reversible bikini top [wearing a size XL for 34D] // reversible bikini bottoms [wearing a medium]

Off the shoulder top [wearing a size small, comes in purple and ivory, less than $50!] // shorts [currently buy one, get one 50% off!] // leather wrap sandals [currently 19% off, so comfortable and cute!] // crossbody bag [less than $40, comes in 3 colors - I love the size!]

 reversible bikini top [it's like getting two swimsuits for the price of one! wearing a size XL for 34D] // reversible bikini bottoms [wearing a medium] // coverup maxi dress [wearing a small, available in other color options here and here!]

off the shoulder top [wearing an XS, currently 25% off!] // white cropped distressed jeans // lace up sandals

shift dress [wearing a size small, currently 33% off!] // leather sandals - currently 33% off

palm print maxi [wearing size small, currently 40% off making it less than $30!] // leather sandals - currently 33% off // leather purse

Additional weekend sales happening: 

- West Elm // End of season up to 70% off sale! If you're in the market for new bedding, they have a TON on sale [we use and love their bedding!] Also, totally crushing on these shelves, this wall art and pretty much every single one of these rugs at awesome prices!  

- Ann Taylor // 50% off EVERYTHING with code SUNNY50! My top picks include this off the shoulder top, scalloped eyelet tank, floral lace pencil skirt and this crepe roll sleeve top [I could see this being so versatile!] 

- Anthropologie // Up to 50% off sale items! Obsessed with this peplum tee [so cute!]  this cardigan [looks so cozy!] and of course, every freaking thing from their home line

- Target // Buy one Get one 50% off all clothing, shoes and accessories! This open back tank, striped tunic, DV sandals and coverup are at the top of my list. 

- J Crew Factory // 40% off with code EXTRA40 [including clearance]! The prices on this plaid top, pullover sweater, ruffle dress and chiffon dress are ridiculous in the best way possible!

- Tory Burch // Extra 30% off with code EXTRA30! These espadrilles, mini satchels, cuff bracelets and totes are way too cute! 

- Kate Spade // Extra 30% off all sale items with the code SUNSHINE! Basically every bag [including this wine tote!] and every piece of jewelry is adorable. 

+ If you are need of a great pair of distressed skinny jeans, I have these and love them - they are currently 30% off! 

Any other sales you are shopping this weekend? Drop em' below, mama always loves to save a dollar ;)



Cocktails You Want Make [And Drink!] This Summer

Well guys, we made it. It's officially summer (!!!!!!) We dream of those three sweet words all winter long and while it can start to feel come February that the best time of the year will never arrive, it comes and it's better than we even remember. Summer kinda feels like crossing a finish line with the gold medal being tan lines, grass stained feet and cocktails with cute umbrellas and mint leaves hanging off the edge. I keep telling myself that I should probably start trying to cross finish lines that involve running shoes and perspiration but I keep getting caught up in food which makes me thirsty and then things like this blog post and its contents comes about. 

Blog, meet cocktails. Cocktails, meet my blog. Oh wait - you've met before? A thousand times you say? My apologies, carry on. 

The thing about summer cocktails is that they should look [and taste] like summer in a cup. What's that look and taste like you ask? Well, a lot like this. 

Vibrant fun colors, tropical tastes of exotic fruits and of course - a little bit of alcohol doesn't hurt either ;) When I saw these bottles of Alizé I knew they were just the ticket for what I had in mind. With a bottle of Gold Passion [made with French Vodka and exotic passion fruit] and Bleu Passion [also made with French Vodka with an infusion of passion fruit, cherries and ginger] in hand I was ready to go. The best part? You can simply pour over ice and serve or you can add some of your favorite ingredients to make a cocktail your guests won't stop talking about! I decided to get a little creative with mine because of things like YOLO and why not so here we have it. Two easy peasy recipes that you can make with Alizé that will have you believing the sun really did rise and set in your cup. Just a couple items to note - Alizé can be found nationwide and when it comes to measurements below, an ounce is equal to a standard shot. 

Fresh Passion 
3 oz Alizé Gold Passion 
2/3 oz Aged Rum 
6 Mint Leaves
1/3 oz Lime Juice
3 oz Ginger Beer

In a glass, lightly press the mint. Add the remaining ingredients, fill with crushed ice and stir. Garnish with mint sprig. 

Bleu Breeze
1 oz Alizé Bleu Passion 
1/2 oz Pineapple Juice
Splash of Club Soda

In a glass combine Alize Bleu Passion and pineapple juice. Fill with crushed ice and top off with a splash of club soda. 

[photos by tina herschberger photography // taste testing by me ;)]

I knew these were good when even my husband drank some behind my back and later informed me that he did so and thought it was delicious. At the pool, on the boat, in our backyard or heck, just dressing up our kitchen counters with their awesome colors - I'll be drinkin' Alizé all summer long baby. 

Life's more fun in color - what's in your cup this summer? Be sure to check out Alizé for more recipes and other fun products [available in 3 flavors - Gold Passion, Red Passion, Bleu Passion] to fill up your glass. Bottoms up!

This post was sponsored on behalf of Alizé Passion. All opinions stated are my own.



Adulting. I Don't Get it.

Tuesday's happen to be my favorite day of the week - mostly because I leave work at 1 pm and am home online shopping [I mean working on the computer, doing laundry and definitely NOT enjoying a glass of wine] by 2. Also because that means Monday is over and Friday is kinda sorta, well not really, but a tiny bit closer to almost here. The only real bummer about Tuesday's is that typically it's a day my husband expects me to get active in that whole D department. I'm talking about dinner people. What other D word would you think when referring to my husband? Oh right, dinosaur hunting.

I just made that up. My husband doesn't dinosaur hunt. Just thought I should clarify because I've heard that's quite an active and relevant hobby most men are into these days.

Anyhow, do I have anything of great substance to talk about today you ask? Do bears crap in the woods? Of course I do. I'm just trying to figure out what it is yet...

Lets start with what I'm currently doing. Nothing.

See, that was fun! Lets keep going.. Oh wait I know. Can we talk about washing windows for a second? Certainly none of you do that right? Have I ever told you how my mother washes her windows nearly every other day both inside and out and I'm not exaggerating even the tiniest bit over here. Regardless, my husband is currently on a kick that we need to wash our windows this week. I'm utterly confused about the whole situation. Wash them with what?!?!? And how? Better yet why? Isn't that what rain is for? He's trying to age us and I'm not happy about it. Forever 21 baby.

Do people my age still fit into their clothes? Moving on.

Yes, I have random photos of myself wearing a dress in this post that has nothing to do with the words I'm typing. It's a common practice I'm referring to as "lifestyle blogger disguised as a fashion blogger disguised as a lifestyle blogger" On Instagram I'm trying to be a fashion blogger but then I look at "real" fashion bloggers IG accounts and they all say "fashion blogger" and I'm all "living life one bowl of mac and cheese at a time" so I just don't really know what's going on anymore.

dress found here // use code LIY15 for 15% off [psssst: it's only $26 to begin with!] // lace up sandals
wearing a size small in the dress, if you teter between sizes size down one

I did however just remember that about 20 minutes ago I started filling up the watering can to water some flowers. Oops. Needless to say I just got a little bit [okay a lot of bit] wet when carrying that back outside. 
That was a weird sentence. 

Speaking of getting wet.... 

Last night Shawn was power washing the outside of our house [I'm telling you - he does all sorts of really weird things] and it was somehow spraying through the cracks of our front door which means our entry way also got power washed.

Moral of the story - if you ever need a good spray down just call my husband. Or maybe don't? Unless you're paying. In which case, call. 

ps. That dress up above? There's a good chance that it's insanely comfortable and affordable. Be sure to check out all of Sweet P & Fi's new arrivals as they have a ton of cute items at awesome prices!



Weekends Make Me Tired

Whoa. Do you ever stumble into a Monday and literally can't think of any possible way to keep your eyes open? That's where I'm currently at. I'm 100% sure I have mono or some other disease because the amount of exhaustion I'm feeling just isn't right. It's a job even coffee can't fix. Now that I think about it, the other disease I might have is called "hasn't stopped running around since last Wednesday and can't stop until next Sunday night". I have this problem called "saying no" to plans [some of you may have never heard of that concept either, I totally get it] and so well, this week is jam packed with this, that and the other. Oh well, sleep when you're dead they say. It's going to be a long life of dark circles and puffy bags under my eyes. 

Have you gotten to that point in the post yet where you're all "shut up, I'm tired too. tell me something exciting"? Okay good, me too. Lets jump head first into what the last couple of days brought my way, starting with Saturday. 

Remember how I said we were going to see King Douche Bags themselves (also known as Florida Georgia Line)? Well we did and it was awesome. Any time you slap on a giant tie around your head with long strings hanging and a camo cutoff tank with camo jeans you know it's going to be a good time. Just to clarify, that's not what I wore but BK [the guy from the band, not to be confused with Burger King] although dang, chicken fries sound so good right now. 

crochet tank [use code yellow20 for 20% off!] // shorts // tote // shoes

Anyhow, the show was so much fun and I think my vocal chords are still trying to find their way back to my throat. 

Short side story - The Cadillac Three opened for them [somebody tell me you are also obsessed with White Lightening #cantgetenough] and well, a few short years ago my girlfriends and I met them at a local bar and they invited us to jump in their van and head out to a show in Chicago with them. Because we are idiots we said no. Life's biggest regret - you guys, I could be living on a tour bus with three unattractive men eating cheese puffs and starbursts right now [I'm just assuming that's what you eat on tour buses]. But no, here I am. Next time for sure. 

We got back Sunday just in time to have the family over for a little Father's Day festivities. Sweetest moment that I don't ever want to forget so I'm blogging about it right now - my grandpa and his wife were able to come and we took them out on the pontoon. There is a bridge that we go under where you can crank up the tunes and it legit becomes an amphitheater that makes the sound incredible. We turned on Carrie Underwood's version of How Great Thou Art and sat all together as a family singing the most beautiful hymn. Tears flooded my eyes as I took in the moment - the little girls were singing, my grandpa kept wiping his eyes, and smiles were everywhere. And now I'm crying thinking about it again. 

It was perfect. We continued to be that boat cruising along with every other hymn blasting and all of us singing. A little different than our normal 2-Pac and Nelly tunes. Jesus wins :) 

The rest of the day was filled with splashing around in the river [something I never thought I would say I would do], eating way too much food and very little sleep. 

And on that splish splashy note, I'm off to work, followed up with book club and ending out the evening with The Bachelorette. Oh baby, life is about to get exciting. 


pps. If you missed the weekend post featuring last week's outfits, links and sales check it out here. Or don't. It's your call. 



Shop My Closet // Recent IG Looks + Sales

Hey hey ladies and gents [most likely only ladies unless of course you are a male who likes to wear women's clothing in which case, welcome!] Regardless of your sex, I'm happy you are here. I don't have much time to sit around and chit chat as we are on our way out for an evening full of country music and my husband keeps reminding me I need to shower [annoying. the hygiene thing, not him.] so I'm just going to get right into it. Here's this weeks line-up of outfits, links and sales! Happy weekending! 

tank [wearing a size 8, available in 11 colors] // rolled denim shorts [wearing size 3] // necklace 

off the shoulder top [crosses in the back, super cute! wearing a size small, also available in pink] // shorts [buy 1 get 1 50% off] // similar sandals 

white tee [2 for $28, wearing a medium] // shorts [buy 1 get 1 50% off] // espadrille shoes 

cover-up [the best cover-up! wearing a size small] available in other colors here // ombre here // bikini [currently on sale!]
[side note: I feel as though this picture is mildly inappropriate even though I wasn't trying to work that angle]

maxi dress [wearing size small, color peacoat - available in 8 colors/prints, a few more options 40% off here] // leather sandals [currently 30% off, my favorite to wear!] // necklace 

maxi dress [wearing size small] // pompom tote // lace up sandals

high/low maxi dress  [wearing size small] // similar sandals
 backside view

sweatshirt [wearing a size small, however I recommend sizing up one!] // shorts [buy 1 get 1 50% off] // espadrille shoes 

grommet tank [wearing a small] // striped tote [some color options 50% off!] // cropped jeans [currently 40% off! so comfortable and have a nice stretch, wearing a size 26 - if you teter between sizes, size down] // tassel sandals

dress from stitch fix // leather sandals [currently 30% off, my favorite to wear!] 

top from stitch fix // ankle pants [use code 9497 for 15% off! my favorite pants for work!] // ankle strap pumps [currently 30% off, seriously the most comfortable pair of heels I've ever worn!] 

"you had me at merlot tee" [wearing a medium, currently on sale for $17.99!] // utility jacket // cropped jeans [currently 40% off! so comfortable and have a nice stretch, wearing a size 26 - if you teter between sizes, size down] // lace up sandals [wearing smoke cloud color]

off the shoulder top [wearing a size small, a current closet favorite! dress option here] // cropped jeans [currently 40% off! so comfortable and have a nice stretch, wearing a size 26 - if you teter between sizes, size down] // open toe lace up booties

And that's all folks! Remember to follow along on Instagram here and here to get more than a once a week update if you're into that sorta thing. Any questions feel free to drop a line below and I'll answer here! Peace.



Baby You're A Firework // 5 Cute Outfits For The 4th of July!

 maxi dress [available in 3 colors, wearing size small]

If you are American I am hoping you know that the 4th of July is right around the corner. We're talking 17 days around the corner. I don't know about you but personally, I love a good birthday party. Make it the countries largest birthday party and you've got yourself somethin' real exciting on your hands. We all know the politically correct thing to do [not that we really care about politics, or maybe that's just me. anyhow] is to wear your best red, white and blue to your cookouts, firework shows or whatever 4th of July shenanigans you find yourself in. Similar to my viewpoint on festive swimwear, you can totally rock the festive outfits without having streamers hanging out of your ears and stars shooting out from your toes. Not saying you can't do the whole streamer or star thing, but if you find yourself in a pinch with not much time on your hands, these outfits should have you covered. 

dress found here - super cute in the navy and red stripe option!

All hail the maxi dress. The best part about this option? You don't have to shave before going to your friends house meaning you'll have all sorts of spare time to do other things in the shower. That's right, make your own sparks people #wink. 

Nothing screams "I am so American!" more than a button down tab sleeve shirt. I take that back, nothing screams "I am so American!" more than a plaid red, white and blue button down shirt. You're about to be the most patriotic thing on the block in this cute little number. 

 shirt // white jeans // shoes [so comfortable and fun to wear!]

3. The lightweight sweater [which will allow you to eat all of the s'mores and baked beans on the planet]

Technically referred to as a "poncho" which also means "proof Jesus loves me" this baby is so comfy and festive. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and go. It's the easiest way to fool your friends into thinking you know how to dress all trendy-like but secretly you're pretty much wearing pajamas. 

poncho // jeans [currently 40% off making them less than $40!] // wedges

4. The "even my feet bleed red, white and blue" shoes

These babies are legit when it comes to the American factor. So stinkin' cute and comfortable, I've been wearing these espadrilles [not to be confused with armadillos - maybe I'm the only one who gets the two mixed up] on repeat. Paired with a simple white tee and cut-off shorts and BAM, easy yet patriotic look complete. 

white tee [2 for $28!] // shorts // shoes [so comfortable and fun to wear!]

5. The striped navy tank

Oh nautical pieces, you complete me. This grommet striped tank is the tank for the 4th. Throw on some jeans, a pair of shorts or heck, really surprise your guests and go pant-less with this baby! 

And there we have it - five ways to wear your American pride not just on your sleeve, but on your legs, feet and anywhere in between.