3 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Blazer

Olivia Moon Knit Blazer [40% off, true to size, wearing in small in mauve] // Bobeau Back Cutout T-Shirt Dress [under $50! if in between size down, wearing in XS] // Express Simple Strap Heeled Sandal [40% off, true to size] // Similar Necklace 

If there is one article of clothing that I am so happy hasn't died in any trends, it is the blazer. There is just something so right about throwing on a jacket for work, play, errands, whatever it may be that takes an outfit from simple to polished in three seconds flat. The key to the art of the blazer, however, is finding the blazer of all blazers that works for any situation. Thankfully I recently discovered the one - it goes by the name of the Olivia Moon Knit Blazer and it is perfection. Allow me to list my top 5 reasons why: 

1. It is under $50 [yes, it's true - it's currently 40% off making it a steal for how versatile it is!] 
2. It comes in a big ole variety of different colors and patterns!
3. It is a knit blend which makes it feel like you are wearing a sweatshirt yet it isn't bulky.  
4. It can be worn a thousand different ways - for work, for dinners out, for baseball games and the list goes on! 
5. It is hands down the most comfortable blazer that fits just like you would want a blazer to fit. Not too long, not too short, not too fitted, not too loose. 

To prove it's amazing unicorn factors I decided to put it to the test by styling it three completely different ways so we could all see how to put this bad boy to use. 

Let's start with work -- 

You can easily throw this blazer on over your favorite dress or button up shirt for a more distinguished look around the work place. Or in most cases, for a way to stay warm in your freezing office [but seriously - why are offices always negative thirty degrees below?!] In the outfit above, I used the blazer to add a pop of color to my classic black and white look which is always a fun way to make a statement. This blazer is also great for adding shape to what could be a shapeless outfit. It would totally work with dress pants or a skirt as well. Winning. 

Next up, we have the "I'm going to the grocery store, my son's baseball game or Saturday Farmers Market and I want to look like I tried just a little bit but not a ton" look. That's a real style - look it up sometime ;) For this I simply paired a graphic tee with distressed jeans, simple white tennies and dressed it up with this same ole Olivia Moon knit blazer and a statement necklace for a "wow - she really does have a sense of style!" fake out. 

     Olivia Moon Knit Blazer [40% off, true to size, wearing in small in white spacedye] // Adult-Ish Track Tee [if in between, size up - wearing in small] // 'The Legging' Ankle Jeans [true to size] Converse 'Jack Purcell - Lp' Low Top Sneaker [true to size] // Necklace

I love how comfortable and relaxed this outfit is while still looking cute and presentable.

For the last how to rock a blazer outfit, I went with the always works, never fails night out on the town classic black blazer look.

      Olivia Moon Knit Blazer [40% off, true to size, wearing in small in black] // Lush V-Neck Tank [true to size, wearing in small] // Women's Ag Ankle Super Skinny Jeans [true to size] 
 Yaro Ankle Strap Sandal [use code SAMSUMMER30 for 30% off, true to size] // Pink Beaded Necklace 

To keep things a little less office-y and a little more fun, I paired the blazer with a comfy yet little bit sexy v-neck swing tank, skinny jeans and my favorite ankle strap heels in bright pink. This is a great date night or girls night out outfit that will never go out of style. 

Waaaaa-la, we are done! What's your favorite way to wear a blazer? Dressed up, dressed down or any way you can rock it? If you haven't already, I dare you to get your hands on this blazer as I promise it will soon be your favorite staple closet piece. 

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25 Must-Have Father's Day Gifts Under $50!

Allow me to be your calendar for a minute - Father's Day is quickly approaching [June 18th to be exact] and if you are anything like me, you wait until the very last minute to run out and purchase a very non-creative, non-thoughtful gift. This is the year of saying goodbye to sucky gifts and hello to things people actually want! Buying for him can be especially difficult, because most men aren't the best at sharing what they are "currently loving" unlike us girls who can supply a list of 293 items at a moments notice. 

Today we rounded up for our top 25 picks all under $50 to make your job easier! We went to Bloomingdale's for all of these finds - remember if you'd like free shipping on all of the below, all you have to do is sign up to be a loyalist [for free!] and the free shipping/free returns is allllll yours! Rumor has it if you spend $200, you'll receive a $50 rewards card so there you have it! Money back in your pocket, just the way we like it! 

Travel Kit (Black) - For your man on the go who needs a little somethin' to keep all of his masculine items and good smelling deodorant.

Travel Kit (Blue) - Ditto to the above.

Water Bottle - Keep your man hydrated with this fun s'well water bottle.

Under Armour (Blue) Athletic V-Neck - Who doesn't love a good v-neck? he does, indulge him.

Under Armour Cotton Scoop Neck - For the guy who prefers to show a little less skin [we know he's just saving that goodness for you ;)]

Under Armour Athletic V-Neck - For the man who likes to get his sweat on. Lucky you!

Adidas Tee - You can't beat a classic adidas tee. tell your man you love him with this original piece.

Polo Ralph Lauren Pj Pants - The quickest way to get your man to cuddle with you...

TOMS Flip Flops - If we know one thing, it is that TOMS makes the most comfortable shoes for her and him. Let your man's feet delight in these!

Amazon Echo - Warning - you may be replaced.

Socks - Make those feet of his happy with the happiest socks on the planet.

Flash Light - "Hey hunny! Can you go grab my flash light for me?!'

“I’m Kind Of A Big Deal” - It's true, he is. Tell him.

Polo Ralph Lauren After Shave - You won't want to stop smelling his face after this [warning - a lick may want to even happen].

Coffee Cup - Men need cute coffee mugs too, they just don't always realize this.

Cocktail Shaker - Shake things up with this cocktail creator.

Black Sliders - His feet will slide into these suckers and you'll be on your way to your beach date!

Bottle Opener - There is nothing worse than having a beer and no way to open it. Make sure this tragic event never happens again.

iPhone Armband - He will never have to workout in silence again!

Men Skincare - Same statement is true about the after shave. Smells and licks may occur.

Shark Bottle Opener - This shark will want to sink his teeth into a beer poolside.

Polo Hat - Cover that bedhead with this fashionable hat.

Wine Glass (2) - Pour a glass [or two] and indulge in a little wine and cheese night at home together!

Record Crate - For the old school man who loves his vinyls.

Bar Tool - The greatest man is the one who knows how to make the perfect cocktail..

What are you picking up for your man or father this Father's Day?! Shop em' all below! 



Getting My Mojo Back

I don't know about you, but when life gets busy the first thing to go for me is working out. I think "I'll do it tomorrow" or "I just don't have time for that" or "I'm too tired now" or "Oh look! Macaroni and cheese!" and the excuses pile and pile and pile so high that by the time a non-busy day rolls around I think "eh, why start now?" So yeah, not a lot of working out gets done. 

My sister and I were talking this morning about this very thing and how frustrating it is that we turn away from the thing(s) that will make us feel the most calm, relaxed and focused during the times we need it the most. It seems that it is always our natural tendencies to think "what is the best thing I could do for myself?!" and then go and do the opposite. Makes a lot of sense, I know. 

All of this to say that I know more than ever that my body [and mostly my mind] is ready for a change of good. Working out for me is a time to do absolutely nothing but focus on the task at hand, which is something my brain doesn't typically know how to do. It's a time for me to refresh and re-energize. I love the adrenaline that comes immediately following a workout that makes you believe you could take on the world [this is the moment that occurs right before the reality of death/can't move any of your muscles sets in] and the feeling of accomplishment it brings to your day. If I know I at least did one thing good for myself and my health on a particular day, it is a day well spent. 

Because I have been feeling a little [a lot] on the anxious recently I figured it is time. Time to kick that feeling to the curb, get my blood pumping and my brain dialed in. A little lift of the booty and definition in my arms wouldn't hurt either ;) Naturally, before getting back into the swing of things, one must have some cute workout wear to kick the motivation off in a little more high gear. Hey, us ladies gotta do what we gotta do. I went to Nike [home of all great workout and running gear] to get this party started. I have been wearing my beloved Nike Free RN shoes for a year now so when I saw they recently released the Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017 Women's Running Shoe I knew this would be the shoe of choice. Yes, the shoe is super attractive in the best flashy way possible [I'm obsessed with all of the different color options], but the incredibly flexible, natural fit is even better. It becomes a little confusing with how comfortable and lightweight they are because you think you forgot to put your running shoes on until you look down and see them flashing back at you. 

These shoes fit like a glove, have great support and allow you to move your foot as if you had nothing on them. 

When it comes to working out, I love the dri-fit pieces that are going to keep me cool while being able to handle the absorption of my sweat [and tears ;)]. All of the pieces I am showing off here are that wonderful material and feel as good as they look. When I run I prefer to do so in shorts, for whatever reason it is impossible for me to run in a pair of leggings. 

Now when it comes to working those muscles, it's gotta be a tank and leggings [nothing like doing some push-ups with another person seeing right up your shorts]. This tank is one of my favorites as it's super lightweight and comes in the world's cutest colors. 

Nike Dry Knit Women's Running Tank [true to size, wearing in small in sunset glow] // Nike Power Women's Running Crops [true to size, wearing in small] // Nike Pro Hyper Classic Padded Women's Medium Support Sports Bra [wearing in sunset glow]

Today's lesson - Don't let the never ending daily to-do lists that seem to continue to get carried to the next day and the day after that stop you. I promise your to-do list will still be there regardless if you workout or not, however, you'll feel ten times better crossing those items off your list knowing that you are a stronger, healthier person doing so. What do you do to workout? I'd love to hear some ideas below!

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Weekend Getaway // What To Pack

With summer getaways on the horizon [I have one this weekend - yaaaay!], I thought it would be fun to do a little post on what to pack because if we know one thing, it is that packing is the worst. Like the worst. And maybe that's just for me, but for whatever reason I am always riding front and center on the struggle bus big time when it comes to knowing what I need to bring, what should stay home and waiting until the last second [literally] to throw things in a bag. In effort to avoid that I headed to Nordstrom and their vacation destination page to find exactly what I should take! From casual day outfits, to spicy little evening dresses, comfortable yet stylish shoes, the cutest swimsuits and coverups on the planet and of course - all of the necessary beauty must-haves for on the go, they literally have you covered on everything making your job super easy. All you have to do is go! 

The best part of this? Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale starts TODAY meaning many of the items you see here [and a ton that you don't] of select styles from top brands are now marked down up to 40% off, now through June 4th. Free shipping + free returns! You don't want to miss out on one of the most exciting times of the year! 

Alright, let's start packing our bags shall we? To begin with - you want a comfortable travel outfit either to or from your destination. Nobody likes to be all constrained while in the car or plane, so for me a comfy dress [I love this one!] and comfortable shoes it is! Because you can't always control the climate, I like to have layers when traveling! This military vest makes fun for a fun addition and can easily be removed once you get to wherever it is you are going! 

Caslon Knit Shift Dress [true to size, wearing in XS] // Pleione Cotton Twill Military Vest [size down, wearing in XS petite for 5'4] // Converse Chuck Taylor 'Shoreline' Sneaker [true to size] 

Okay, so now that we got to where we are going [congratulations, pour a glass of wine, sit outside and take in the scenery] you'll want a cute little number to explore town in. Assuming it's warm wherever you are headed, a fun little top with a pair of shorts and a comfortable yet cute pair of sandals will be necessary [these sandals are super comfortable when walking around!] If you're anything like me, you're also going to want to find the nearest margarita and giant bowl of chips and queso to dip your face in. Here's my look to accomplish just that.... 

Evening time -- sure you want to look cute, but you're also on vacation so the need to go overboard isn't necessary. Find something that is lightweight and easy to pack, for me it's this under $50 dress, and jazz it up with a flashy pair of tassel earrings, colorful clutch and wedges that won't make you hate your life when you walk in them! Effortless and easy, just the way vaca should be! 

Time to wake up and tackle day numero two! Whether you are doing a little sightseeing, venturing the streets of downtown, partaking in a little shopping or whatever it may be, you'll want to be fully equipped to take on the day. My go to for these days exploring is a softer than soft tee and a bag that is going to hold my sunnies, sunscreen and all of those other must-haves. This Rebecca Minkoff leather backpack is so lightweight, so stylish and the mint color - oh the mint color! Throw it on and you're ready to roll baby!

Lush V-Neck Tee [true to size, wearing in small] // Sp Black Frayed Hem Skinny Jeans [true to size] 
 Dolce Vita Juno Sandal [true to size]

To complete your weekend away on your final night out, try opting for something a little less fancy but a little more polished than your day look! For me that's a peplum top, white jeans and these adorable fringe wedges for a pop of pizazz!

[photos shot by Tina Herschberger Photography

And because no weekend away is complete without the essentials, here is a reminder of what else to throw in that bag before heading out the door! 

There you have it - a complete weekend getaway packing list right at your fingertips!
Are you headed anywhere fun this summer? If so, what item are you taking that I am missing? 

And to recap it all because phew, there was a lot, you can shop today's post easily below -- 

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5 Looks For Any Event Under The Sun

Ahhh, event season. You are so fun, but can also be so stinkin' mentally exhausting when it comes to preparing for you [mostly from the outfit home front]. I'm starting to think that attending a wedding is more stressful for the guests than the bride herself ;) That's a slight exaggeration, however, outfits for events can be tricky. Today I've partnered with Bloomingdale's to bring you five completely different looks that you can rock to your next wedding, bridal or baby shower, graduation party, or any other event under the sun! Whether you are a dress person, prefer skirts or feel more comfortable in pants - we've got you covered! 

If you haven't shopped online with Bloomingdale's before - a few quick pieces of exciting news! You can sign up [for free!] to be a loyalist which means one thing, free shipping, all of the time! Additionally, on every order, loyalist or not, you will receive free returns up to 365 days [some exclusions apply]! So yes, free shipping/free returns makes for the easiest shopping experience on the planet. They have a huge variety of items at all price points + run awesome sales regularly, including the 25% off clearance event they have going on right now [just use the code TAKE25] to get in on that action! 

K, let's get this party started! 

Look one // Chambray Bell Sleeve Dress + Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals 

On the adorable scale of 1-10, this dress ranks at a 32. You put a bell sleeve on anything and I'm sold, but you add it on a dress that both doesn't require strapless bra and hits at a comfortable length and I'll buy twelve of them. Such an effortless, easy chic look for any event you may have! Add in a comfortable shoe and you're set! 

Look Two // Ruffle Striped Jumpsuit + Heels 

Now, this one may be out of your comfort zone, however, a great jumpsuit can be a fun way to stand out in a crowd [see all of the awesome jumpsuit options here!] among all of the other dresses and skirts that surround you. Finding the right cut is key and it may take some trial and error, but if I have one piece of advice for you, it is to try it! Your unicorn outfit may just be a one piece pantsuit. Who would have ever thought.... 

Look Three // Stripe Off The Shoulder Dress + Heels OR Sandals 

If you are a lover of all things stripes and off the shoulder pieces, this dress will be your best friend. It's fully lined so you don't have to worry about that sunshine peaking through your legs and super comfortable. This dress could be worn to about virtually ANY event and I love how easily it could be dressed up or down [flat sandals would be equally as cute with this]! 

Beltaine Chambray Gauze Top [true to size, wearing in small]  // C/MEO Collective Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt [size up, wearing in small and a little too snug] // Splendid Janet Crisscross Ankle Strap Block Heel Sandals [true to size]

Speaking of outfits that may be out of your comfort zone, this is another one for you to try! Ruffles are on everything these days and you can either run fast the other direction or welcome it with open arms. I've chosen the open arms approach. This is a fun twist on a traditional mini skirt. I love the mustard color and how well the chambray compliments it! 

Look Five // Floral Fit and Flare Dress + Heels 

AQUA Floral Fit-and-Flare Dress [size up if in between, wearing in small] // Michael Kors Denim and Leather Arden High Block Heel Sandals [true to size]

I love this for weddings or baby showers oh so much [pink and blue perfection!] I will say it may be a little better if you are a little smaller chested, but the dress in general is so comfortable and cute! It screams spring and the ruffle detail at the bottom ups its fun factor by about 10 points. Add in the regular bra option and you'll be dancing all night without any problems! 

So there we have it! 5 complete outfits for your next event -- which one do you like the best? Remember to check out Bloomingdale's for hundreds of more options and shop today's post easily below! 

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