Shop My Closet [Links, Size Info, Etc] + Best Sales of the Weekend!

Well look at that folks, we survived another week and only had to drink approximately 8 beers to get through it. I wasn't planning on doing one of these "shop my closet" posts this weekend until the sky decided to cry its eyes out and rain like crazy all morning. Because boredom and I don't fair well together [last time I got bored I stuck my hair in a candle, hair caught on fire, our house smelled, it was messy - don't ask] so in efforts to keep my hair in tact I decided to write a post instead. Blogging is basically saving my life.

If you are new around here, well I'm sorry. Sometimes things get awkward, a little inappropriate [but not too bad, people like my parents read this so as much as I would love to write about how I strongly believe every woman should own a certain item [I'll leave you to guess what I'm talking about] I'll probably keep my mouth shut]...]. However, we also like to have fun around here, prove that I get dressed from time to time and wrap the week with a slew of outfits. If you haven't ever caught one of these "shop my closet" posts you can check out several recent ones here // here // here and here.

Hope you all had a fabulous week - my period started today so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for advil, heating pads and macaroni and cheese cheese puffs [have you tried these things yet? amazing].
Peace out lovelies - any questions on any of the items below let me know! 
 cardigan [size down one, wearing an XS] // tee [true to size] // jeans  [sized up one, wearing a 27] // wedges 

 my maxi dress // all those signs --> from my sister's shop

sweatshirt // best lounge pants ever [wearing a small] // slippers 

  cardigan [size down one, wearing an XS] // tee [true to size] // shorts // leather sandals 

leather wrap sandals [true to size, wear these all of the time!]

baseball tee [true to size, wearing a small] // shorts [available at Target, not online] // shoes 

sweater [available in 4 colors, wearing oatmeal - true to size, wearing small] // olive skinnies [40% off currently, sized up one to a 4] // riding boots [wearing in cognac, the leather smells incredible] // purse in berry

black 3/4 tie sleeve blouse [size down, one wearing an XS] // white jeans [true to size] // jeans [true to size] // black wedges // choker

sweatshirt [love the back, wearing a size small] // shorts

tunic [size down one, wearing an XS - wearing in purple potent, available in 5 colors] //
 jeans [my favorite! true to size] // over the knee boots [true to size]

cardigan [true to size, wearing a small] // tee [true to size // leggings [size down one, wearing XS] // slippers

shirt [currently up to 40% off - wearing the slim fit version in ivory, true to size - regular fit available here] // skirt [40% off! size up one - wearing a 4] // heels 

And for the best of the weekend sales happening now....

+ Anthropologie // Extra  25% off sale items [no code needed] // My picks include this colorblock halter dress and this raye peasant top, day off henley

+ Ann Taylor //  Use code SHOP40 for 40% off // My picks include this sleeveless blouse [perfect for under a blazer for work!] , this blazer, chambray tie neck blouse [I think this could be so cute with pencil skirts and colored pants all fall long!], essential popover top, mixed media top and this confetti popover top

+ ASOS // Extra 10% off clearance with code MOREPLEASE // My picks include this off the shoulder pink top and this red floral maxi dress

+ GAP // 35% off with code EVENT // My picks include this moto jacket, this chunky sweater and these olive lace up flats

+ Old Navy // 40% off everything [no code needed] // My picks include this printed shift dress, boyfriend straight leg jeans, these burgundy heels and these grey jeans

+ Victoria's Secret // Extra 30% off already discounted swim with code 30SWIM Up to 75% off swim // My picks include this push up bikini top, flounce crop top, and lace getaway halter




Every year there is a big deal made around what the PANTONE colors of the year are. Until now I've always been one to always just browse through the fashion magazines while I was impatiently waiting in line at the grocery store to see what was considered "on trend" for the season. Well folks, I'm turning over a new leaf and am vowing to be ahead of the game this year. When I saw that PANTONE released their fashion color report for fall 2016 I was anxious to see what colors they were saying will be huge this season. My biggest shock? Olive green wasn't on there. All I've been buying recently has been olive green but you know what they say "screw it! wear it any way!" or at least that's what I am choosing to say ;) I do absolutely love the shade of green however that they chose and couldn't be happier to see a few of the other colors listed. 

I thought I would do us all a huge favor and browse some of my favorite websites to find items in all of these colors. I broke them all down below and made it super easy for you to shop. You'll notice when you hover over an item it should show you the price [it does take a little bit to load so patience girlfriends] - you can quickly click on it to be taken to the site where you can buy. Any questions, holler at your girl - I got you. 

Let the drum roll begin...annnnnnd, go. 

Riverside - Cool and calming, strong and stable

Airy Blue - Light and full of serenity 

Sharkskin - Pair-able with any fall color, bright or muted 

Aurora Red - Bold red, exciting and dynamic 

Warm Taupe - Trusted, organic and timeless 

Dusty Cedar - Dustier rose toned pink 

Lush Meadow - Rich and elegant, bright and sophisticated 

Spicy Mustard - Spicier, zestier yellow 

Potter's Clay - Russet orange with a neutral earth tone 

Bodacious - bright rich purple with hints of a sophisticated pink

And that's a wrap people. Which color are you loving the most from this year's fall trends? Any that you were surprised by or are excited to try? 


5 Ways We Spice Up Our Life

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZZE. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life can get a little mundane after awhile. Monday turns into Tuesday, Wednesday looked exactly like Tuesday, Thursday's routine was identical to Wednesday's and the cycle continues. Every once in awhile I find myself in a rut where I have a deep yearning for change. The older I get and the longer we have been married, the more I realize that we have to be intentional about adding a little pizzazz into our lives. Sometimes that means acting on a bigger item like booking that vacation we have been dreaming about for months or sometimes it's something as simple as trying a new drink with our dinner. They say that variety is the spice of life and I am a huge advocate of spicing things right on up. Here's 5 simple ways that we do just that in our household - all of which don't take a lot of effort but can have a big impact on breaking up the routine of things. 

1. Cook together. This is something we didn't really do together for the first 8-9 years of marriage, however recently Shawn has gotten a little more involved in the kitchen around dinner time and it has been so much fun to have him by my side cutting up veggies, frying up the chicken on the stove or trying to prevent me from burning the house down [that's a full time job in itself]. We've been able to create some delicious dishes together and it's so much more enjoyable to have each other to thank when eating rather than a fast food worker. 
a recent creation - grilled red peppers, salad and lemon chicken with rice, scallions, roasted pistachios and feta cheese - yes please. 

2. Go for a walk, sit outside around a fire, or do anything WITHOUT your phones or any other form of technology for a period of time. We have to be intentional about being fully present with each other in the evenings or else we fall victim to being that couple who is around each other often yet never actually together. I have a hard time of not checking in on things socially often, however it drives Shawn absolutely nuts when he is telling me a story and I am looking down at Instagram only half listening. And by half I mean actually not at all. Our favorite thing to do during the summer is to take Maggie on a walk and that has been a really good opportunity for us to catch up on each other's days while getting a little bit of exercise in. 

3. Try something new together. This can be something major like jumping out of an airplane [umm, no thank you] to buying a drink for dinner that neither of you have had before. On a recent trip to my local grocery store I spotted these IZZE Sparkling Juices and because I am sucker for cute packaging and delicious sounding flavors I grabbed both the Sparkling Clementine [for him] and Sparkling Pomegranate [for me]. I set the outdoor table up all cutely and whipped out our fun tasting IZZE juices to make the occasion feel a little more special than normal. 

The IZZE Sparking Juices are made from 70% fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water to give them a fresh tasting better for you beverage. Add in the fun bright bold colors and you've got yourself a party in your mouth. One of my favorite way to enjoy these juices? With a little bit of vodka mixed in of course ;) These were definitely a fun treat for us to enjoy and made our dinner feel that much more enjoyable. 

4. Indulge in each other's favorite things from time to time. For Shawn this is a royal cheesecake blizzard from Dairy Queen. Sometimes after we are done eating dinner I will bolt over to DQ to pick up his favorite treat and come home to either enjoy it out on the boat together or in the comfort of our sweatpants on the couch. He knows I am a huge fan of the Bachelor [or Bachelorette] so every once in awhile he will agree to sit next to me on the couch and try not to make fun of the people [or me] too bad while I sit there with tears falling from my eyes. 

5. Find things that make you laugh and then do those things. Have you ever went to a comedy show together? Watched a hilarious YouTube video in each other's presence? Sat down on the couch and turned on a classic comedy? Shared funny stories from your day? Laughing is the best medicine and more than a kiss [in my opinion] has the power to make you feel more connected than ever before. If laughing isn't your thing, the kisses should do ;) 

How do you spice up your life whether it be solo or with your partner? Drop your suggestions below and we can all get a little spicy together. 

 ps. Right now IZZE is encouraging you to grab your friends [or in my case, my man], a few bottles of your favorite IZZE Sparkling Juice [I so want to try the Cherry Lime and Peach] and create your own #FriendsdayNight. Not that you ever need an excuse or a reason to have fun, but you officially have my permission. 

 [photos shot by tina herschberger photography]
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Things That Aren't Black & White To Me [Unlike This Outfit]

When sitting here drinking my 4 o'clock coffee thinking about if most spouses make out and cuddle or not, I started thinking about other things that aren't clear to me. My mind tends to work in mysterious ways. Why might I be thinking about such a thing right now? Don't ask. Okay fine, you asked. You see - sometimes when I try to go in for the kill Shawn tells me that my body is too hot. Like not hot looking but temperature hot. Apparently I radiate heat like no other and it drives him crazy. I feel like I'm constantly reminding him that "THIS GIRL IS ON FIIIIIIIIIIRE" but he doesn't see it as a redeeming quality. All of this to say it got me thinking about things that aren't always black and white. Coincidentally enough, I stumbled upon these photos from my Dropbox folder circa June 2016 and well, this whole blog post came together full circle. Let's get started. 

- Does every single person have THE HARDEST TIME coming up with an Instagram caption or is that just me? It clearly makes or breaks the photos. Do you stick with just emojis? Write something witty? Write a novel that has some deep meaning? Or do you say "screw it! not posting this!" 

- Are you always expected to wash your hands after peeing? Like what if you know without a shadow of a doubt that pee didn't get on your hands? 

- Is hiding a credit card bill from your husband considered lying or is it considered saving ones life?

- If one has cellulite on their legs and notices it in their photos, should one use the wrinkle remover feature on PicMonkey to hide that fact just a little bit or leave it untouched? Not saying I've ever done that [today] but you know, hypothetical question. 

- Are you a terrible human being for sometimes wishing you could witness a person on stilts hit the deck? 

- Those people who eat healthy 24/7, do they feel fulfilled in life? Like I get that they look good and don't have to worry about that whole cellulite editing feature but is shoving a dry piece of spinach with a side of kale chips really make them feel like they are winning at life? Because last time I checked McDonald's fries are freaking amazing. 

- Speaking of spinach, does not telling somebody that they have something in their teeth make you a bad friend or are you a bad friend for saying something and embarrassing them? 

- If you accidentally have two margaritas instead of one and you accidentally get a little tipsy, is it your fault or the margaritas fault?

Time out. I need a margarita.

- If you don't work at the dentist office are you still expected to floss your teeth? Certainly not right?

- Are robes supposed to be washed more than once a month or what is the general rule of thumb on that one?

- Is not doing anything considered doing something?

outfit deets // top [found it to be true to size, wearing a small], similar shorts [these came from stitch fix], wedges [currently 33% off making them less than $60 - holllllller]

And that concludes today's not so black and white thoughts and questions. Any of these same things considered a grey area in your world? 



A Blog Post Brought To You By Facebook Fans - From Kid Talk to How to Wear Over The Knee Boots, It's All Here

this picture serves no actual tie in to today's post however it's been awhile since Shawn's face has graced my blog and I figured it was about time. you're welcome Shawn. 

In my desperate and trying times of figuring out what to write about I took to my Facebook page to ask you, the readers on what you want to hear. As much as I could sit here and talk about the annoyances of how my weight gain is going straight to my boobs causing my bras to no longer fit, it's probably not something my dad wants to know a whole lot about. Sorry dad! Fortunately, several of you came through in the clutch and tossed out ideas on what to talk about. Today I'm going to make my way through a couple of those...

While on the subject of gaining weight and growing boobs, we will start with my mom's request - sharing my thoughts on having one child vs two. And probably what she means is "are you and Shawn ever having kids and if you do, how many are you having?!" so let's get to the bottom of that right now. I have no freaking clue if we are having kids or not - and believe me, we get asked often. I would like to think that yes, eventually we will either buy or birth one. I think we are both still waiting for us to develop a deep desire to have those cute little creatures - we are both really happy with our life right now and we really [no but like really] love our peace and quiet around the house. Not to say that we wouldn't absolutely love the chaos and fun that comes with little ones but for now we get our fix of that from our nieces and nephews. Unless I have twins the first go around or we adopt multiple right off the bat [chances of that are zero] I definitely think we will be more in the mindset of "let's start with one - see how it goes and if we get real wild and crazy we will add a second to the mix". All of that to say, wait and see what happens. And by that I mean report back in about 9 years or so.

Moving on, another special somebody wanted me to talk about a super healthy macaroni and cheese recipe. While I am sure such a thing exists [although it pains me to think about removing the butter and the cheese] I am not the source for such a thing. If you want the 1,000 calorie per scoop recipe - hit me up, totally your girl for that one. About that weight gain.... 

Last but not least for today's blog post purposes - several of you asked to talk about how to wear over the knee boots. While I may do a more in depth post [and by that I mean not just crappy mirror selfie photos] on my favorite over the knee boot outfits, I have a few ideas for you today. Keep in mind that I think you can wear OTK boots really with just about anything that you would wear with ankle booties, flats, riding boots, etc. My only one piece of advice is this - make sure when wearing riding boots or over the knee boots that the jeans or pants you are pairing them with are skinny. It doesn't look the best when you have denim all bunched up over the top of your boots. I prefer skinny jeans or leggings with my boots. Also, don't be intimidated by over the knee boots. I know they can be frightening if you haven't worn them before but girlfriends, rock that look. I think they are sexy, confident and really make a statement with any outfit. If you don't own any I will highlight two of my favorites below [along with cheaper options!] Here are a few easier than easy looks to pull off. 

1. Day of Running Errands - a simple tunic + skinny jeans + boots = easy peasy! 
tunic [size down one, wearing XS in purple potent] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

2. Date or Girls Night Out - Cute top + skinny jeans + boots = sexy woman! 
peplum bell sleeve top [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]

 3. Cozy Fall Saturdays - Sweater + Jeans + Boots = Dream Outfit! 
cardigan [size down one] // tee [true to size] // skinny jeans [true to size] // boots [true to size]
necklace from my favorite boutique, miss chic

About these boots - I purchased both of these during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. While I love them both, the brown ones are my absolute favorite as I typically always reach for brown over black [why is that?!] They truly are so comfortable, the perfect height and so beyond versatile. I love that both boots are suede for a slightly more casual look

If you are looking for a less expensive version of these two boots, I would suggest either these brown DV over the knee boots from Target for less than $50 or these flat Journee Collection boots for less than $60, also from Target! You can't go wrong on a great deal. 

ps. if you just can't with over the knee boots, these riding boots have come highly recommended to me by several people recently along with these [which I own and holy moses, they are amazing]. 

That completes today's segment of "my brain can't think for itself right now - feed me with ideas people!" Thanks to everybody who contributed an idea, I will be sure to get to them all in the next few weeks! 



Shop My Closet + The Best Weekend Sales

Another week, another round-up of outfits! Before we begin I just have to say thank you to all of you who have shown an interest in these silly little outfit photos. I was just telling Shawn this afternoon how much it means to me when I hear from one of you that I have helped inspire your wardrobe, that you finally found a pair of jeans that you love or that you feel more confident in your outfits. I love getting questions about my opinion on items, how to style something, etc. While I am certainly not a pro by any means I do know that we are all in this fashion thing together. If you don't follow me on facebook, we've been having a lot of fun over there. I love seeing the conversations going on and others posting items they love and all that good jazz. I never want to feel like these outfit mirror selfies are self indulgent. We are so much more than the clothes that we wear and I also hope that you know that yes, I post a lot of outfit photos however I am more concerned about what's going on beneath those clothes both in myself and in others. Long story short, I love each and every one of you and I am so grateful you allow me to have a little fun with my wardrobe and inspire me to dress better. xo. 

Now let's dive into last weeks outfits! Oh ps. there are a ton of sales happening this weekend so be sure to make your way down there to take advantage of some awesome prices on some awesome pieces! 

chaus floral print peplum blouse [runs true to size, wearing a size small - LOVE this top! 
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
wedges - true to size, use code 9671 for 15% off! free shipping!

cardigan - size down one, wearing an XS. these are a much better deal if you buy 2. Either grab 2 for yourself or get a friend, sister, mom etc to choose one as you can order in different colors and sizes! These are so versatile and comfortable! 
dress from miss chic [no longer available but they have a TON of cute things!]
leather lace up sandals - true to size and one of the best shoes I own wearing in smoke cloud 

 pleated hem sweater - size down, wearing an XS // it is sheer in the back so I recommend wearing a white cami underneath 
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
calf hair flats - true to size // available in other color and print options here, I wear these ALL the time!

cross front top - runs true to size, wearing a size small. I love this as a great wardrobe staple! 
mossimo shorts from target - no longer available online
leather wrap sandals - true to size, currently on sale

turtleneck sweater [true to size,wearing a small, under $50 and available in 4 colors] //
 similar jeans // flats // available in other color and print options here // purse
heels featured in second photo

black tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
 black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever] 

plaid top [size down one, wearing in XS in ivory doyle plaid] 
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
  black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever]// converse shoes

button up twist front top [true to size, wearing in small - available in 5 colors, under $50 - love this!]  jeans // purse // flats // available in other color and print options here

 cardigan [true to size, wearing a small - LOVE this!] // black tank 
   black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever] // wedges 
purse [under $100, love this berry color for fall!]

off the shoulder bell sleeve top - size down one, wearing an XS. available in 4 different colors/prints
paige transcend jeans [bought these in the #nsale and holy favorite pair of jeans ever, worth every dollar! true to size]
leather strap sandals - currently 30% off, so comfortable and cute!

cardigan - size down one, wearing an XS. these are a much better deal if you buy 2. Either grab 2 for yourself or get a friend, sister, mom etc to choose one as you can order in different colors and sizes! These are so versatile and comfortable! 
blank nyc jeans - true to size, however you may want to size up one if you are in between sizes
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 

floral stephanie tunic sweater - consider sizing up one, wearing a medium. so cute! 
cutout booties - true to size 

denim jacket - favorite one I've ever owned [I've worn this for years] wearing size small
white tee [true to size, wearing a small - I wear these tees almost every day!] 
 black jeans [true to size, favorite pair of black pants ever]
flats from Payless but a year or so old! 

And for all of the amazing sales happening this weekend....

+ LOFT // Buy one get one 50% off on all tops and sweaters + an extra 50% off all sale items 
My picks include these earrings [only $5!], this lace up top, tasseled tunic sweater [only $15!], cropped black pants for work [less than $30!] and these utility blouses

+ GAP // 35% off with code TGIF

+ Banana Republic // Extra 40% off sale items
My picks include this dress and this button up shirt

+ POTTERYBARN // 30% off all pillows with code PILLOWS + free shipping on entire order with code FREESHIP

+ J. Crew // 25% off select items and an extra 30% off all sale items with code REFRESH 

+ Old Navy // 30% off everything [no code needed]

+ Madewell // 25% off select styles with code YESPLEASE

My picks include this tunic and this heart tee

+ Macy's // up to an extra 20% off with code SUPER

+ Steve Madden // extra 30% off clearance styles with code BONUS30
My picks include these sandals and these heels