Back And Ready To Sleep. Not Attack.

And just like that I'm back. Typically when returning home from traveling it feels like I never left, however this time is different. I can definitely feel that I left. Partly because I am exhausted and partly because my house looks a teeny bit different than it did before. It's amazing what kitchen lights will do for a place. More on that later though, I've got a few photos to share. I've decided that I want to walk you through all of the fun Stitch Fix festivities that took place in a few days so for now I am going to just show off some photos that I took during my free time in San Fran. Friday was the last full day in the city and so me and the two other girls remaining [Natalia and Veronika] made our way through shops [obviously], sweated our brains out while pulling luggage up the 90 degree angle streets, and wandered down to Fishermans Wharf for some bread bowls. I get that this area is a very touristy part of San Francisco but it also most likely my favorite part of San Francisco [typical tourist, what can I say]. 

The first stop was at the Painted Ladies houses. Also known as the opening scene in Full House. I felt exactly like Mary Kate and Ashley when standing on that hill except a lot less rich and idolized. I don't think I have touched on my obsession with them as a child but just know they were everything. 

These lovely flowers were passed mid luggage sweat session. Any reason to stop and snap a photo when doing physical labor I say!

The reason for my existence--chili in a bread bowl. I said "come to mama" and to mama it came. 

And then there is these guys. I know they are guys only because they smell horrible. Girls wouldn't do that. Cute slippery little things though right?

I made it back to Indiana just in time to watch my niece turn three and lick her cupcake like nobody's business. I am so proud of these offspring that are my family. If I could teach a child anything, it would be this....

Don't think, just lick. 

And that summarizes reason number 253,000 why I remain childless, because that is the type of advice I give out to the youth of this world. 



California Dreamin'

Hello from the Golden State. I have officially arrived and survived the flight. I kinda think making a huge deal about how freaked out I was worked in my favor. Only because I drank probably a little more than I normally would have which made me somewhat forget I was even flying. In fact, I loved it. Can we all talk about how amazing it is you can text while on an airplane these days? Just when I thought life couldn't get better that happened. Well that and Giuliana announced she is coming out with her own wine line. 

I am having a great time here with Stitch Fix and the ladies they sent out with me for this #stitchfixvacay. If you are ever in need of the most awesome place to work, Stitch Fix is it I'm convinced. I will be sharing all of the photos from our time at their headquarters from today at a later date but just know, whoa. My phone is now full of at least two hundred photos of items I am hoping to receive in my next few fixes. On that note, I'm outta here---I've got wine to drink and the cutest patio to do it on. Peace. 



State Of Chaos

It's safe to say I have stepped on nearly every item we own, I have cut my fingers on countless who knows what, and I have sworn in my head 232 times when trying to find something I need. For example, making coffee currently looks like this -- I head to the living room where the Keurig is plugged in and sitting unevenly on top of a wicker chest. I then grab the water filter, head to the bathroom sink to fill it on up [because that's appetizing], then I make my way to my office where I have to crawl over what seems to be three thousand boxes before I find the one with the K Cups. Head back to the living room and then remember I need a coffee mug still. Two hours later I locate the coffee mug that is laying in a Target plastic bag at the bottom of a box in the entryway closet. My morning coffee is now drank at around 7 pm because yes, it takes that long to make it. The only good news in all of this is that I am skippin' out of town tomorrow so I don't have to deal with this madness. Ignorance is bliss my friends. Here are some updated pictures of what it looks like around this joint. A little room by room tour if you will...

The kitchen...

Master bedroom... 


"Outdoor" Living Room...

Dining Room...

Guest Bedroom...

My Office...

And because we needed at least one room to be able to sit down in, the living room got a little attention spent on it this weekend. Waaaaa-la. Ta-da. Sit down and relax. 

This one caught on quickly. 

So there we have it. Casa de chaos, welcome. 



A Few Wednesday Random Thoughts

I wasn't planning on showing up to my blogger account today, however it occurred to me that every minute writing a blog post is a minute spent not packing. This whole packing thing is a little sad to me. And it's not because I'm not excited about the next house, but because I really enjoyed this house and all of the memories made in it. I'll never forget sitting outside by the fireplace Shawn and I built with friends drinking wine in the Summer

or building forts in the living room to sleep in at night

watching our living room go from this

to this

to this

having our yard full of little kiddos and remembering back to when they were that little

the early mornings spent next to the Christmas tree

and all of the life that happened over the past 7 years.

It's been a great run in this house and I will forever remember this space that we have called home. 

In other news, I am relishing this quiet afternoon at home alone, complete with Pumpkin Spice coffee in hand and A Christmas Story pajama pants on.

I feel as though this is going to be the last one of these days in quite awhile. Between moving into a new house, going to California (twice), Louisville, Nashville, and Florida (twice) all before December, things are about to get a little insane. It should also be noted that I have not been sleeping at night due to my first flying alone experience so that's awesome. I know that most likely sounds foolish and silly to the majority of you, however for those of us who are panic attack ridden [especially on airplanes], a four and a half hour flight alone does not sound all that appealing. Like at all. I keep trying not to cry when thinking about it but every time I do a little part of me wants to bawl like a baby. One would think I am 7, not 28, but here I am. You better believe I am going to be that girl walking onto the plane with plastic bags full of mini bottles of every type of alcohol, lavender oil, and pills. 

I think that covers today's thoughts...

Actually that is a lie. I could talk about so much right now [like how I found over 20 boxes of macaroni and cheese in the basement last night !!!!!!! ] and how I dominated in Fantasy last week [it's a no money league. I KNOW. I rolled my eyes too] or how badly I wish my hair was longer and blonder again, but until those topics arise again, just know I am thinking about them. 

Hey, thanks for the twenty minutes of not packing. It's been real. Fist pound. 



To My Nashville Queen

It just dawned on me that I have yet to share the magical day which was my friends wedding shower from the other weekend. Aubree is her name and beauty is her game. She is one of those friends that you have had and will have for a lifetime. The kind that you can go months without talking to and the minute you do you feel like it was just yesterday you spoke. She has been with me through the awkward ugly elementary school days, to the awful hormonal middle school years, through multiple high school proms, the good times and the best times, and all of the in between. I am so excited for her to get hitched come November and couldn't be happier with her pick of man [he looks identical to Bill Rancic so you know, good choice]. The two truly bring out the best in one another and it's all so wonderful to see their love story unfold. Congratulations Aubree, I love you and can't wait to celebrate you. Bring on the wedding festivities, this girl is ready.



Moving Week Is Officially Upon Us

Well, I successfully got through a wonderful weekend full of caulking nail holes, drinking Fireball, Target trip(s), cheering Notre Dame to victory [this might be a lie. the first half of the game I was playing euchre and the second half I was sleeping, however I did catch a few seconds of the game. I think]. I was also able to watch one of our living rooms at the new house transform from a wood paneled mess to our new "outdoor" room which I am way too excited about, oh annnnnnnnnnnd Pumpkin Spice coffee is now apart of my morning routine so yes, overall I would say the weekend went pretty well.

Have no fear--the door will be painted white and trim will be going up at the top. The exciting news here is that not pictured is my most favorite part of this room which will be revealed at a later date. It may involve a three letter word that starts with a b and ends with an ar. I told my husband I wanted an outdoor patio feel inside our house and so this is what we came up with. The Tiki Hut Casa De Schrader welcomes you.

Anyhow, I can't believe this week is moving week. Technically speaking we don't have to be out of our house until next week but it turns out I am leaving for San Francisco next week so you know, this week it is. I tried to convince Shawn he could handle the move on his own because he is a man and is strong and has muscles for a reason, but because I suck at the job of convincing I didn't get out of it. So I will be helping...by drinking wine as I cheer him on as he packs our cars full of boxes. I kid. Not at all. 

Needless to say blogging may be a little spotty over the next week or so as I package up one house and move it to another and then travel across the United States for a few days. I promise I'll show up as often as possible, but I don't promise it will be as often as you would like me to [dad]. For all of the fun though, be sure to follow along on Instagram -- @livinginyellow. Hey speaking of - I'll leave you with a few photos from great ole IG of the weekend that was. #original. Happy weeking. It's like weekending. Only a lot less exciting.  Ole! 



Currently Wearing: Sugar Love Boutique

Roses are red, 
violets are blue, 
it's already Friday, 
I'm excited-how about you? 

--- original poem by Erin Schrader ;)

And on that note, I think I'll jump right in today. It's been established that I am a big Sugar Love Boutique fan, so every once in awhile I like to show off what I'm currently loving/wearing from there. Without further ado, I present three staple pieces in my wardrobe right now. 

1. Maxi dress, obviously. This is one trend I will never ever let die. You know why? Unshaven legs, that's why.

 maxi dress :: currently on sale

2. 50 Shades of Pink. Not quite as mysterious and sexy as gray, but still equally exciting. Well, kinda. 

sandals :: on sale for only $12 

3. Shift Dresses. I get that shift dresses are short, but I kinda like that from time to time. Why? To remind myself that I should shave my legs more than once a month, that's why. 

Be sure to use the code yellow for 20% off anything your heart desires at Sugar Love Boutique

Have a great weekend. Mine should consist of working on the house, tailgating for the ND vs Michigan game, and every good thing that should follow from those shenanigans.